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Casino Manager Resume

A casino manager has an array of duties to perform in the gaming arena. They set policies and choose the types of games offered in a casino; set credit limits for gamblers and decide on the types of food and beverages to be served; manage daily operations and staff within their assigned area(s); interview, hires, trains and evaluates staff; determines casino rules and procedures for gaming. Ideally a person who has possess immense knowledge of the working of a casino and someone who possess good leadership skills is the right candidate for the job. The candidates dynamic persona and their abilities to work in a gaming setup should be the highlight of your resume.


Many casino managers may have a degree in business or hospitality management, but it is not mandatory. However, casino managers must have at least a high school diploma backed with some dealership courses.

How to get started?

As mentioned earlier, anyone looking to become a casino manager usually must have a high school diploma. The first step would be to take any position in a casino; then work your way up. One can begin their career as a gaming worker and then gradually rise to the managerial position by undertaking more responsibilities and understanding the job. The next step is that of a dealer position and so on. Experience in working in a casino is usually essential for one who wants to become a casino manager.

Important skills for casino managers

For a casino manager's position one should possess some professional abilities such as strong leadership, good organizational and communication skills and the ability to work well with subordinate staff as well as with customers. The candidate also handles cash and therefore should posses a high level of integrity.


Casino managers are well remunerated but the work has a great deal of responsibility and involves working for long hours. The casino manager's main responsibility is to make sure that the games are played according to national regulations and are profitable. These managers can also be in charge of the casino's hotel and restaurants (if it is the case). The casino manager must create a system that allows customers to win often enough to make them want to return, while also making sure that the casino makes a certain amount of revenue and profit.

The casino manager job also involves handling customer complains (who usually complain about losing significant amounts of money) and be ready to justify the situation.


Some casino managers start as dealers and advance to management. Others may work first as managers in the hospitality area of the casino. In either case, the people hired to work as casino managers always have previous management experience to smoothly carry their day to day work.

Casino Manager Resume Sample

Contact Details

Name: Christine H. Barge
Telephone number: (585) 429-3041
Address: 3378 Walt Nuzum Farm Road
Rochester, NY 14624


Looking to work as a casino manager in a reputed organization where my skills and knowledge in this filed can be utilized to the optimum

Skills and Qualifications

  • 8 years of exposure in this field
  • Good knowledge of casino management
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills
  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Eye for details
  • Can manage a team

Working experience

Casino Manager, Haze Group of Hotels and Casinos, Las Vegas
2002 to Present

Job Responsibilities

  • Invigilate the staff periodically
  • draft reports and submit it to other departments
  • help the management in selecting and promoting personnel
  • participate in campaigns and promotions
  • coordinate and safe guard teams
  • undertake the general casino administration
  • supervise the housekeeping team and make sure that the place is clean and well maintained


Bachelor's degree in hospitality management,
Virginia University of Business and Hospitality, Virginia, 2001

The above casino manager resume can be used as a reference by candidates who wish to draft an effective resume in this profile. One should make sure that you resume is accurate and should not contain any false information.

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