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Children's Clothing Store Manager Resume

Many parents nowadays want their children to wear fashionable clothes that are made of quality materials. Consequently, many kids' clothes producers started to comply with these wishes. It is also hard for a parent not to spend more on their kid's clothes than on their own, since the children are still growing and thus they need clothes more often.


The manager of a store selling clothes for kids should know these things and should make sure that they are prepared to deal with difficult parents and kids that are even more difficult to endure. The store's manager should make sure that the personnel, even him or herself, have enough patience to interact with so many different types of clients a day. The manager should make sure that there are clothes for all groups of ages, and for both girls and boys. Some shops choose to also sell some toys made by the same designer or by some popular toys creators, in a special corner, in order to increase the number of visitors and (or) sold products.

The resume is a typical one, it includes name, address, a phone number, and the experience coming closest to that of a manager, or working with clients, education, and references. Below there is a guide meant to help you out, however if you had managerial duties that you might have performed in the past then do not hesitate to mention them on your resume. Kindly refer to the given sample to prepare a draft of your own children's clothing store manager resume with your details and thoroughly check it before submitting it to the hiring manager.

Children's Clothing Store Manager Resume Sample


Name: Andrew K. Kennedy
Address: 3991 Bryan Avenue, Goodhue County Minnesota, MN 55066, USA
Email Address:
Phone Number: 651 380 5949


To find a job as children's clothing store manager, in one of your shops.


I have proven managerial skills, great attention to details and am available to start working on the first day of the upcoming month. Am a fast learner, have excellent shop experience of more than seven years; willing to share with you my knowledge and skills in order for our mutual benefit.


  • Great managerial skills
  • Hard worker with the endurance to work long hours efficiently
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Influential in selling products to customers
  • Always punctual and great at completing given targets and tasks on time
  • Proven skills for solving fast the issues of the clients
  • Excellent manager of resources (financial or human)
  • Excellent skills with the cash register
  • Efficient team worker with the habit of making the office environment jovial and enjoyable
  • Exceptional skills for numbers and arithmetic
  • Very good negotiator
  • Extremely patient in dealing with customers as well as fellow workers

Experience as store manager

Store Manager, AB Clothes store, 4799 Berry Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80915, USA, 20xx&ndash20xx

  • Managed the store's personnel, composed of: six sales assistants, two part timers and two cashiers
  • Managed the store's products: ordering, receiving, price changes and others
  • checked the sales
  • Trained new personnel
  • Presented the new arrivals, the promotions and conditions that have to be met in order to get a discount
  • Recruited, hired, and fired personnel according to the store's politics
  • Promoted to this position from an initial one as cashier
  • Handled the returns or the damaged items (sending them back for repairs or to be changed with other items)
  • Made sure that the store has appropriate products for the season
  • Made the personnel aware of the store's policies and in case there were any new changes
  • Solved any discrepancies, disputes and queries of the workforce
  • Helped in keeping the store spick and span
  • Ensured that all of the personnel's are not stressed out and are working as efficiently as they can by giving them ample breaks and opportunities to refresh themselves
  • Often worked overtime and made sure that the store was functioning as efficiently as possible


Bachelor's of Arts of communication, University of Colorado, 20xx&ndash20xx


Steven I. Way
Head Manager
ABC Clothing store
4799 Berry Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80915, USA

Other references are available at any time, upon request

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