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Contracts Manager Resume

A lot of companies need services and products from external sources in order to run their business in a productive way. A contract manager chooses and supervises contracts made with suppliers and vendors. A contracts manager mixes his analytical abilities, financial know-how and interpersonal capabilities to advance corporate dealer relationships in long or short term contracts. Efficient managers usually have regulatory and legal knowledge. A contracts manager takes care that the organization's vendors stick to business conformity when they provide services or deliver items, as said by the Villanova University Contract Management Program's programs of study.


This job position necessitates a bachelor's degree in a management or business related discipline. Beside education, the contract manager ought to have exceptional negotiation and communication skills to effectively carry out the responsibilities of the job. According to the US Labor Department's Occupational Information Network (O*NET OnLine), practiced contracts managers usually have successful communication abilities, analytical dexterousness, time-management capacities and service orientation.

The duties of these professionals are to acquire services and products and discuss terms and pricing. This means finding numerous vendors, administrating the contract bidding procedure, t choosing vendors that fit best to the organization's necessities. After selecting vendors, these professionals put in writing the contract agreement or cautiously assess the details of vendor contracts and formulate the required changes. To carry out the compulsory tasks skillfully, a contracts manager usually utilizes notebook computers, enterprise resource planning applications, accounting applications and individual digital organizers, as claimed by the O*NET OnLine.

These professionals can work in various industries for instance construction, legal, government, pharmaceutical and manufacturing. Most of the time, singular industries need dedicated skills in the field of contract management.

Janette Kent
44, Red Street
A City, US, 98765
Home: (999) 511 9266
Mobile: (444) 822 0577


Very proficient contracts manager with vast knowledge in the contracts management area of expertise looking for a job opportunity where this experience will be entirely needed


  • Over eight years of experience on the contracts manager position
  • Strong planning and organizational abilities
  • Leadership capabilities and people management familiarity
  • Thorough comprehension of FAR/DFARS.
  • Outstanding issues solving capacity
  • Skills in working in a team


Senior Contracts Manager
ABC Company - Someville, US 2006 to 2010

Tasks included:

  • In charge of leading and managing the contracts nucleus with general responsibility for establishing and supplying important planned and strategic skill for the hiring contracts company.
  • Fix negotiation issues, developing and keeping up metrics.
  • Handle the submittal and preparation of certain contract suggestions.
  • Appraise and organize documents which deal with the clients and company needs.
  • Guarantee appropriate submission of applications.

Contracts Manager

GHJK Corporation - Acity, US 2002 to 2006

Tasks included:

  • Took part in developing the demand and writing of draft papers.
  • Appraised solicitations for recognition of all details of business dangers.
  • Put together the terms and conditions, delivery schedule, technical info and additional contractual details into a solid proposal.
  • Examined cost data and extra thorough data to reassure that bids can be sustained to the government representatives.
  • Organized and managed the evaluation of and submits for agreement.
  • Established and prepared special defensive conditions and terms for global contracts.
  • Kept up cognizance of the progress of contract performance.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, North State University, 2001, Someville, US
  • Contract Management Certificate Training Program, 2000

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