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Convention Manager Resume

The convention discussed here refers to a meeting event. In such an event, there is a gathering of a large crowd, which shares a common interest and holds discussion on the topic. This type of convention can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the theme and time thought to be needed for the meeting to take place. A convention manager resume is the resume of a person who is responsible for the overall development of the convention itself, and must oversee the work of a large team and make sure that every need of those attending (guests or participants) can be satisfied. The better the managerial skills are, the better the convention will develop; and of course, there are times when not everything will go according to the plan, and that is when the manager of the convention needs to adapt, find new solutions, and act swiftly in order to solve the concerned problem.


Starting to write your resume with your contact details and then adding a clear goal to it, is the best way to compose any resume. For this particular job, you need to focus only on those positions or instances when you were the one to decide what those around you were supposed to do, as well as the proper way of using the resources. In addition, for this position, it is also best to mention any achievements you got, of how fast you saw the results of your own work. The more experience you can provide, the better chances for you to be hired as a convention manager. Let us go through some points that should be kept in mind while framing such a resume:

  • Be professional
    The primary reason why most of the candidates are rejected is non-professionalism of your resume. This refers to the knack of swaying away from the topic and is often committed when the person is trying to give a unique look to their resume. Kindly refrain from making this mistake and experiment only after you have prepared a simple and professional draft of your resume.
  • Mind your vocabulary
    Never use slang words and make sure that you do not seem casual through your resume
  • Wordiness
    Use of excess words while describing any part of your resume is also prohibited as it creates a very negative image. Let your sentences be to the point and precise and use of words which indicate a good vocabulary should be practiced as much as possible.

Sample Convention Manager Resume – A free draft

Name: Sam smith
Address: 1679 Camel Back Road, Heavener, OK 74937
Phone Number: 918 653 4512
Email Address:


My primary objective is to get a job as Convention Manager within your institution and to provide the participants at the events with the best services possible.

Skills and Qualities

  • Great computer skills, using various computer software
  • Outstanding written and verbal skills
  • Fabulous and proven managerial abilities
  • Very good knowledge and understanding of the convention's industry
  • Assertive person


A former convention manager, firm individual with strong proven management skills, willing to start work as soon as possible, I believe my abilities and previous experience will be of great help for this convention.

Working Experience

Convention Manager, Planetary nomenclature Convention, Heavener 74937, Oklahoma, 2005

  • Planned and delivered the conference and special event services
  • Determined the services needed
  • Allocated and determined the location
  • Ordered the equipment, material and supplies
  • Recruited and hired the needed personnel
  • Selected personnel to handle the volunteers needed for various tasks
  • Managed and trained a team of over 20 people
  • Enforced employee safety and conduit policies and rules

Store Manager, Abc company name, Heavener, Oklahoma, 2005–2006

  • Recruited, hired and fired personnel according to the company's policies
  • Trained new personnel
  • Appointed tasks to the personnel
  • Managed a team of 10 employees
  • Developed new sales approaches which led to the increase of sales by 36% in four months
  • Exceeded sales targets with 27% during 10 consecutive months


Masters in Business Administration and Management, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma city, Oklahoma, 2003–2005


Available upon request

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