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Customer Service Manager Resume

Customer service managers have to understand, answer and satisfy customers' requirements and attend to their needs. The duties of customer service managers depend on the activities of the organization, but usually their tasks include using management and leadership principles and making sure that they comply with the company's policies. These skilled professionals need to develop job performance goals in order to achieve the organization's customer service requirements. They have to develop and implement strategies for various selling campaigns; to assist in the recruitment of applicants and to train and manage the cashiers in the front-end procedures. Customer service managers are also responsible for ensuring the validity of customer returns and exchanges of customers.


Customer Service Manager Resume Writing Tips

Start your customer service manager resume with an objective. The objective has to state what position you are looking for and what are your future career goals. In the next section, you can add your skills and qualifications. Your resume needs to have a section where you can add your professional work experience. This section must run chronological from your last to your current position. Present what your duties and responsibilities were in every position and how you helped your department progress.

Your last section has to be about your education. Add education from the last training or qualification. Highlight anything you feel that is relevant to your application in the field. Don't forget that you have to mention the name of your degree, the school you attended and the location of the school. Usually, customer service managers are required to have a degree in business management.

Customer service managers are a very important part of a corporation because they work towards satisfying the customer's needs at all times.

Customer Service Manager Resume Sample

Contact Information
Name: Dwain Collins
Address: 624 Elliott Street
Marital Status: Married
Birth Date: 09.07.1978


Seeking a rewarding and challenging position as a Customer Service Manager in a growth-oriented organization where I can use my strong communication skills and customer service abilities.


Motivated, hard-working and enthusiastic Customer Service Manager who possesses deep knowledge in customer service management and who has the ability to develop new business strategies.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Excellent team player with the ability to provide quality customer service
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and organizational skills
  • Ability to adapt expertise to the changing environment
  • Proficiency in using Windows programs and applications.


Customer Service Manager, Avalon Bay Communities, Inc., Orange County, CA, 2004-present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervised and coordinated the call center operations
  • Developed around the office a positive customer service attitude
  • Made sure that customer service standards and policies are respected
  • Responsible for resolving customer service problems and misunderstandings
  • Organized frequent staff meetings in order to discuss corporate goals and plans
  • Assigned various routine tasks to the employees.

Customer Service Supervisor, Level 3 Communications, Tampa, FL, 2000-2004

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Motivated the company staff to create a healthy working climate
  • Encouraged employees to develop their skills to their maximum potential
  • Helped the members of the company to share ideas and suggestions in order to improve the work
  • Managed, coordinated and resolved customer dissatisfaction and problems.


Master's Degree in Business Administration, New College of Florida, FL
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, New College of Florida, FL

Achievements and Affiliations

Member of the International Customer Service Association since 2005

Areas of Interest

Customer Service


References available upon request

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