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Destination Manager Resume

A destination manager is a tourist professional in charge of handling all the aspects of designing and implementing touristic packages, which incorporate events tours, location tours, transportation, hotels, program logistics and so on. A proficient destination manager has to process different location knowledge in order to obtain the best quality package and address a large variety of potential clients with their specific needs and financial capacity. They have to know everything about a specific destination, starting with hotel accommodation, touristic resources, restaurants, transportation, conference venues, events and activities, meetings and so on and design attractive logistics for potential clients, helping them with any inquiry related to the location and with any occurring problem.


A destination manager is expected to establish professional customer relations, to be able to offer satisfaction to a large variety of desires and needs, to implement marketing strategies, target audiences and products, determining costs and acting efficiently in a competitive environment. The resume of a destination manager should make obvious the familiarity with customer segmentation within the tourism market, with the online travel sector, and with touristic operations and procedures. It is a very complex and exciting job that offers the possibility to interact with large numbers of people and exploit touristic resources from around the world.

Sample Resume

Personal Details
Name: Robert Kent
Birth date: 11.11.1985
Address and Contact Details: 1878 K Street, Washington, DC 300056, USA
Phone: (202) 502-67546
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, no children
Driver's license: Yes

I have been working as a tourist operator for five years and have gained sufficient experience in handling touristic operations and packages, in recommending destinations, transportation, hotel accommodations and so on. I consider myself to be properly qualified to work as a destination manager, since I have established string touristic connections in the region and have an extensive knowledge in the resources available here.


My objective is to use my touristic experience in implementing destination packages in the touristic offer of the area. I wish to centralize the best services provided by our region and establish a portfolio of clients that can benefit from various offers.


Tourist operator with experience in managing destination issues related to our touristic region.


  • touristic industry knowledge
  • interpersonal and communicational skills
  • management abilities
  • attention to detail
  • passion for traveling

Computer knowledge:
intermediate computer literacy

Work Experience:

Tourist Operator, 2005-2007
Arbeld Tours, Washington


  • presenting touristic packages to clients
  • making cost offers, negotiating commodities and touristic activities in the packages
  • creating marketing strategies
  • collaborating with touristic institutions and business in the area

Tourist Operator, 2007-2011
Bering tours, Utah


  • Making tourist plans
  • Guiding the clients
  • Creating marketing strategies
  • Creating a social network for the company's contacts

Education and Training:

Master's in Tourism, Washington University
Bachelor's Degree in Geography, Washington University


As a tourist operator, I have managed to sell interesting packages that have benefited our area, attracting various types of tourists

Areas of interest:

  • tourism
  • geography
  • social networking


Mrs. Samantha Fox,
Manager of Arbeld Tours,

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