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Management Resumes

Management resumes are written by the people in the creamy layer of different industries and by the people in middle management. These resumes should be a complete summary of the full job profile of the person.

The job experience of these people is good enough and there are some aspects that they can choose to omit in a resume.

For example, education and other related training can be given in a one-line summary because these are just for the recruiter to get a note. Their experience is what matters.


A management resume should be professional and the format should do justice to the experience of the candidate. Usually these candidates are head hunted and there is not much competition as there is in the lower level. Therefore, concentrate on the highlights with respect to the job you are applying for. This will aid you in getting the recruiter to notice all the relevant points related to your profile.

Let us look at a template that you can use to write the resume:

  1. Contact details
    Write down the contact details legibly. You do not want the recruiter or the head hunter to search for them in your resume.

    For example:
    Glenn Jonas
    34, Timber Street, CA
    Phone: 87990 890 889

  2. Objective
    You can choose to write or not write an objective. If you choose to write it, be clear in your writing.

    For example:

    Wish take the company to a new heights in manufacturing and increase productivity to level profits.

  3. Work experience

    Work experience should be a detailed summary of your profile. You have to make sure you write all the relevant details and highlight where ever necessary.

    A management level candidate will have loads of experience and these should be given clearly in your resume.

    A recruiter or a head hunter will look for related experiences and whether the candidate fits the job profile.

    A general manager's work experience is given as an example in this article. Job description of a general manager may vary according to the concerned management's requirements. Therefore, mention all the relevant duties you performed in your previous organization and highlight the ones that relate to the present job you are applying for.

    The general manager has to perform functions and duties that correspond to the organization that they work for. Therefore the job responsibilities differ and can be anything from hiring to firing.

    For example:
    Designation: General Manager
    Organization: ABZ Inc.
    Duration: 2006 to present

    Duties and responsibilities


    • Create a vision for the organization
    • Plan the yearly targets and assign projects
    • Oversee the annual report preparation and organize it according to the auditor's requirements

    HR management

    • Plan the hire number and plan accordingly to get the process running
    • Plan retention
    • Train the employees and assign projects accordingly
    • Create modules to follow during work process

    Project management

    • Manage hire process and enable procurement
    • Allot the client-specific deadline and get the project running

    And etc.

    The experience section dominates the management resume. The recruiter probably looks for reasons not to hire. Therefore be clear with what you want to say and do not over crowd the resume with unwanted explanations.

  4. Education

    Mention education in a very precise manner. Although the recruiter would want to know very little about education, you can mention it for the note of the recruiter.

  5. Area of interest

    In this section, the candidate can mention some interests that they have other than or in the field. This will give the recruiter an idea of what sort of a person the candidate is.

Following are the sample management resumes:

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