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Multiunit Manager Resume

Multi Unit Managers are top executive professionals in charge of monitoring and coordinating the overall activity of the different regions, sectors or units of an organization. The position is quite challenging and demanding because the multi unit manager has to foresee the operations of all the units, attend meetings, set goals and communicate the same to the regional or unit head. Apart from this, they need to be highly organized, set budgets, come up with new policies and procedures with the change of time, set objectives for the unit or department, keep a check on the success of each unit, motivate employees, hire and train staff. They also are involved in termination of staff, determining their salary and work towards customer satisfaction. A multi unit manager profile is quite dynamic in nature. Candidates applying for this post should be highly competent with a lot of experience. While drafting a multi unit manager resume one should make sure that you draft an effective resume apt for this profile.


Candidates interested in applying for a job as a Multi Unit Manager should create an attractive resume that emphasize their main strengths, experience and professional competencies. Leadership and management skills as well as previous working experience in this area are the most important aspects for the employer. Therefore, it is recommended to highlight these sections. Mention all former responsibilities that helped you gain experience in this area backed with personal and professional qualities that recommend you for the job.

Given below is a sample Multi Unit Manager Resume that can be used as a reference by candidates before drafting a resume for this profile.

Multi Unit Manager Resume Sample

Contact information

Name: Adam Smith
Address: Willow Street, New York
Contact number: (0125) 259-5268
Marital Status: Married


I am looking for a position of a Multi Unit Manager where I can use my management skills, experience and competencies in order to contribute to the corporation's growth and success.


Highly organized, responsible and reliable Multi Unit Manager, with excellent communication skills, open minded with exceptional strategic planning abilities. I am eager to face new challenges and be a part of a fast growing firm to produce the desired results.

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Client oriented and attention to details
  • Computer skills
  • Open minded and able to learn fast
  • Able to work with deadlines and under pressure
  • Good project management competences

Work experience

Multi Unit Manager, Coca Cola Company,

Duties and responsibilities

  • Implement the corporation's strategies and policies in all units
  • Handle the recruiting and training process
  • Evaluate the employee performance
  • Supervise and coordinate the marketing, sales, distribution and human resources activities
  • Establish and maintain positive and long term relationships with clients and business partners
  • Provide high quality products and services
  • Handle team conflicts or client complaints
  • Perform research activities to discover new ways to improve the communication system within and outside the units

Vice President of Marketing, Horeca Inc,

Duties and responsibilities

  • Design and implement marketing strategies, goals and policies
  • Create and develop innovative strategies for promoting and selling products or services
  • Coordinate and collaborate with all the staff from the Marketing department
  • Delegate responsibilities
  • Participate in various conferences, national and international fairs and other marketing related events
  • Define and coordinate marketing programs
  • Give presentations, sales training and product launch
  • Develop and handle the marketing annual budget

Education and training

Master's Degree in Business Administration, Cambridge University
Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Cambridge University

Achievements and affiliations

Member of the American Association of Business Professionals

Areas of interest



References are available upon request

A multi unit manager resume should talk volumes about the candidates skills, experiences and what the candidate can bring to the firm. It should effectively emphasize some achievements of the candidate which can help the employer to take a decision. One should also note that your resume acts on the candidates behalf and therefore utmost case should be taken before drafting a resume that can win over the employer.

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