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Produce Manager Resume

You have stumbled upon just the right website to help you draft your own produce manager resume. This article gives you an in-depth analysis of the technique used to write the resume of an individual who is looking for a job as a produce manager. So kindly pay attention and follow the instructions that you find appropriate and helpful and I am sure they will be more than useful in your hunt for a job.


Produce managers can be found in almost every industry nowadays, such as data processing and computers services, retail, publishing, and manufacturing. They play an important role within corporations because product service has become the key to selling services and goods. Their duty is to estimate the consumer demand for the product they imagine, detect potential customers, develop pricing strategies, and stay informed about competing products available in the market.

Produce managers must have at least a bachelor's degree or an advanced degree, or specialized training in order to enter in product management business. The courses that are recommended for produce managers include communications, marketing, economics, technical writing, statistics, advertising, business law, management, and market research. They must have knowledge of business software such as Microsoft Excel, which is essential for this position. A resume for the job of a produce manager should contain experience and skills achieved on the job, so mention in details all the tasks you performed at the previous work places. Also, mention your contact details, educational qualifications and other pertinent data related to the post of a produce manager. If applicable, you can even mention your awards and achievements in the resume. Given below is a sample resume of a person applying for the post of a produce manager. Refer to it in order to prepare your own resume and replace the fictional data provided with your own personal information.

Produce Manager Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Harry Grant
Address: 7th Witch Street, New York, USA, 99999
Home: 555 235 6789
Cell: 555 538 8484


I am a highly skilled and experienced individual seeking a position as a Produce Manager in your esteemed company.

Summary of Qualifications

  • More than five years of experience in the domain
  • Solid skills in leading direct reports and teams
  • Proven ability to manage key account relationships
  • Capable of detecting potential clients
  • Ability to understand the market's requirements in term of products

Professional Experience

M&M Company, Inc., New York, USA
Produce Manager, 2002 &ndashPresent

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Launched new products in the marketplace to replace existing products and increased annual profits
  • Met with national accounts, dealers, and sales force to determine new product requirements and worked with product development to record these needs in product specifications
  • Estimated the consumer demand for the company's products and identified potential customers
  • Stayed informed about any competing products in the market and developed pricing strategies
  • Oversaw the product development
  • Worked with advertising and public relations personnel to promote the company's services and goods
  • Performed additional duties as assigned

M&M Company, Inc., New York, USA
Key Account Manager, 2000 &ndash2002

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Led a team with representatives from customer service, manufacturing, quality, IT, technical service, account receivable, sourcing, shipping and logistic to ensure key accounts
  • Managed all the product launches in locations of key account and directed new product training for key representatives
  • Directed activities and supported key account representatives


Bachelor's Degree, Marketing and Finance
New York University, New York, USA, 20xx
Vocational training certificate in Marketing and Finance
University of California, CA, USA, 20xx

Awards and Achievements

  • Received the 'most dedicated employee' award at M&M Company Inc. in 20xx
  • Received recognition as the 'most constant performer' award by M&M Company in 20xx


Tamara C. Landrum
Directing Manager
M&M Company, Inc.
573 Cameron Road
Buffalo, NY 14202, USA

Other references are available upon request

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