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Senior Vice President Resume

A senior vice president of a company is usually responsible of an entire department and deploys his/her work from the company's headquarters. The title of the job usually contains a reference to the department managed by the senior vice president, such as product development and research, marketing and sales or operations department, depending on the type of industry or business the company is involved in. The most important task of a senior vice president is that of designing a comprehensive and profitable strategy for a specific department in the company, and the adequate implementation methods, based on a strong and competitive analysis of the type of work and the overall performances.


Senior Vice President Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Peter Smith
Birth date: 01.07.1974
Address: 4562 E Avenue, Fort Lee, VA 23801-1800
Tel: 123.345.3456
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, 1 child
Driver's license: Yes


Working in the Marketing Department of our company has offered me the professional opportunity of exercising a wide range of my abilities for personal satisfaction and for the profitability of the company. I have worked with a team of devoted, accomplished and determined specialists that have contributed with their consistent work and intelligent ideas to the development of the branding strategies and the presentation activities of our products.


My desire is to utilize this concentrated experience in the position of Senior Vice President, Marketing. I have the necessary work experience and qualities to perform my responsibilities at a high-quality rate and innovate in the branding operations of our company, keeping in touch with the modern world's objectives and needs.


Business Intelligence and New Business Development specialist with conclusive work experience and results within our company, applying for the position of Senior Vice President of Marketing.


  • Experience in the marketing and branding activities of our company
  • Demonstrated professional business performance in customer analytics, brand marketing, quality content, strategy and circulation
  • Portfolio of achievements in marketing development and premium brands
  • Advertising experience and ability to asses growth business opportunities
  • Managerial and administrative skills
  • Interpersonal abilities
  • Innovative, creative, determined and focused, with a great vision for the future
Computer knowledge:

Intermediate computer literacy

Work Experience:

Business Intelligence and New Business Development Specialist, 2001-2010
D & V Business Company, Virginia


  • As a professional employed in the Marketing Department of our company I had the major responsibility of contributing to the development of marketing strategies for different product branding and campaigns.
  • I helped the company incorporate new technologies in its' marketing strategies and procedures, and assimilate new and unconventional business opportunities.
Education and Training:

Master's Degree in Marketing Techniques and Business Development, North Virginia University
Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, North Virginia University

Achievements: significant portfolio of premium brand achievements

Areas of interest: advertising, business, culture, society

References: available if needed

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