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Vice President Resume

Being the Vice President of a business involves a lot of work, effort and responsibilities. It is safe to state that it is a challenging and demanding position. Vice Presidents have a significant role within the organization. Their main purpose is to achieve the organization's goals and objectives and to be part of its growth and success. A good Vice President must have a strong personality, must be able to work under a lot of pressure and must able to properly react in crisis situations. Along with the president of the business, Vice Presidents must oversee and coordinate the overall operations within the company.


Educational background, core and specific competencies as well as previous working experience are the most important aspects when applying for such a position. Therefore, when writing a resume, make sure you highlight these sections. Your professional experience should be listed in order, beginning with the most recent one. Mention all personal and professional competencies that recommend you for the job. Write all the relevant studies and training courses.

Vice President Resume Sample

Contact information

Name: Robert Parker
Address: Stronghold Street, Washington
Birth date: 26.10.1965
Marital Status: Married
Children: One
Driver's License: B category, 1998


A Vice President is a top executive in charged with establishing, implementing and achieving the company's strategies, goals and objectives.


Looking for a position as a Vice President where I can use my skills, experience and talent in order to contribute to the company's development and increase its notoriety worldwide.


Excellent communicator, bilingual and highly organized Vice President, with excellent intercultural competencies and experience in working in multinationals, I am looking forward to join your team of professionals and face new challenges.

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Professional
  • Interpersonal and presentation skills;
  • Highly organized and strategic planner;
  • Able to provide guidance and direction;
  • Leadership abilities;
  • Excellent negotiation skills;
  • Computer proficiency;
  • Decision maker and rational thinking;
  • Ability to under pressure;
  • Competent and experienced.
Work experience

Vice President of Finance,
A. M. Castle & Co, 2004-2010

Duties and responsibilities

  • Planning, organizing and managing all the financial activities;
  • Establishing, developing and implementing the company's financial strategies;
  • Formulating and implementing the financial policies and objectives within the company;
  • Supervising and evaluating monthly operating activities;
  • Monitoring daily operations of the finance and accounting departments;
  • Preparing and handling financial analysis and statements, writing financial reports;
  • Managing the company's debts and monitoring its accounting protocols;
  • Ensuring compliance with all the budgetary reporting requirements.
Assistant Vice President of Finance,
ABX Holdings, 1998-2004

Duties and responsibilities

  • Provided assistance to the VP when creating the annual budgets;
  • Handled the distribution of financial resources to the company's departments;
  • Ensured proper utility of the resources;
  • Established short-term and long-term financial goals and made sure they are achieved;
  • Participated at conferences, national and international fairs and other finances related events;
  • Maintained long term relationships with business partners, clients and company staff;
  • Analyzed the financial market and identified trends.
Education and training

Master's Degree in Finances, Washington University
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Washington University

Achievements and affiliations

Certified Personal Finance Counselor

Areas of interest



References are available upon request

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