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Media Resume

The media industry is gaining a lot of popularity these days. With the advent of technology there is a growing need to find new ways of reaching the audience. Media has become the most powerful medium of communication and entertainment. There are a host of fields in this category ranging from film making, television, animation and advertising. One can also take up any job profile that includes, media planning, social media manager, director, script writers, agents, photographer and the list goes on. Media resume should be drafted keeping the job profile one is opting for. Your resume should reflect your personality and represent you in the most impressive manner.


While drafting a media resume one should give minute attention to details. Your interest in the job profile is of utmost importance. The job being quite demanding one is required to be on site and work odd hours to meet the deadlines and the requirements of the projects. One also has to keep themselves updating with time as this industry is facing a lot of competition and is growing at a very fast pace.

When drafting a media resume one should include all the points that form a good professional resume. The resume should open with objectives that should be clear and precise. This is followed by an introduction where the candidate tries to build a bridge between him and the employer. These are some of the opportunities that the candidate has to grab to keep the reader intrigued and interested in your profile. The most important aspect of your resume is your education, skills and experience. It is only on the basis of your education and skills that the employer can gauge your potential. Experience is another important aspect of your resume and should be highlighted stressing on your previous roles and responsibilities undertaken and how well you fit into the present job category.

Finally your resume should sum up with references, contact details and a short summary. These details should be authentic, clear and easily accessible in your resume.

Media resume like all professional documents should be:

  • Precise: Your resume should be exact and accurate. It should emphasize your positive points and create an impact in the mind of the readers.

  • Attention to details: While drafting a resume one should make sure that you draft your resume that covers all your skills, qualifications and experience related to the job you are applying for. One should have a thorough research done about the employer's expectations to make sure that your cover all the important and minute points that could help you fetch the job.

  • Job oriented: It becomes easy when you draft a personalized resume for every job you are applying for. This makes your resume more employer-oriented with better results.

  • Informative yet short: There are instances when a candidate is over qualified for the job. In such cases you do not have to overload your resume with all your qualifications and work experience. One can include only the relevant details in your resume. Lengthy resume on the other hand becomes too boring for the employer to go through it completely or cover all the information. Important information in such instances can be missed.

  • Authentic: It is mandatory for job applicants to include only authentic and correct information in your resume as this might go against you and might create problems in future. There are also chances the candidate might not crack the interview wasting your time and the employers time.

These pointers are useful to draft any type of resume. One should note that for media resume the applicant can also enclose some live projects or assignment for the employer to take note of the kind of work done by the candidate.

Following are the sample media resumes:

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