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Caption Writer Resume

A caption writer, writes as well as reviews captions in order to check if the captions needs editing. They also make sure that the caption is in complete synchronization with the dialogues apart from placing it appropriately on the screen. Generally, a caption writer watches the production and reviews the captions at the same time to decide which captions to revise or leave as it appears. A caption writer may also aid viewers to introduce the descriptions of music and background noises with the help of captions. For a caption writer to work efficiently they need to be well versed in grammar and should possess good writing skills. Punctuation, grammar and clarity in writing as well as expressing one's views are some of the skills a caption writer should possess and these skills should be effectively be displayed in a caption writer resume.

When you are writing a resume for the position of a caption writer, keep in your mind that it is very important to mention your skills and abilities. For example, mention your knowledge of English language and other foreign languages, including your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciations. Mention that you can communicate effectively in writing in order to meet the needs of the audience backed with good comprehension skills and an eye for details. On should also be a good listener and should be able to gauge the performance of others and yourself to provide constructive feedback and improvements. Your previous work experience in this profile backed with your skills would form the major highlight of your resume.


Sample Caption Writer Resume

Contact Details

Name: Mark Kent
Address: 145 Main Street, Portland, Oregon, 39899
Phone: (555) 555-1254

Personal Details

Date of Birth: January 13, 1985
Marital status: Married
Children: 1
Driver's license: Yes


Seeking the position of a caption writer for a reputed production house where my knowledge, skills and previous experience can be utilized to the maximum.


Gifted and creative caption writer with experience in operating a computer. I can even program English captions for broadcast and non-live broadcast shows like weather, news, sports and finance.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Solid knowledge of the content, structure and usage of the English language
  • Remarkable knowledge of the content and structure of Spanish language, including spelling of words, grammar and structure
  • Solid knowledge of communication and media production and dissemination methods including specific ways to inform via written, visual and oral media
  • Excellent ability to communicate with others in writing as needed for the audience

Professional Experience

Caption Writer, Star Art Studio, Portland

  • Operated a real-time computerized captioning system to provide real-time captions for live shows and programs
  • Adapted and strove to maintain accurate and conflict-free steno theory
  • Established and maintained a data-base to keep the job-specific and general computer dictionaries within the use of captioning software
  • Reviewed my own captions to ensure its high quality and accuracy levels
  • Provided discrepancy reports of technical difficulties

Trainee Caption Writer, Galaxy Express Studio, Portland

  • Operated captioning systems to provide captions for taped television productions and movies for hearing-impaired audience, and to provide subtitles in English as well as foreign languages
  • Examined productions and reviewed captions to determine which captions to revise, leave, and where to place them on the screen.
  • Listened to dialogues within productions and wrote captions for dialogues.
  • Wrote captions to describe music notes in the background
  • Translated foreign language into English captions, and translated English into foreign language captions


Bachelor's Degree in Communication Art
University of Portland (1998)

Captions writes need to be very creative and should have an eye for details. They should be in a position to correct mistakes and should be technically very strong with their skills. When writing a caption writer resume, one should make sure that you are excellent with writing techniques and possess good exposure working in this profile. These factors would help you grab the best jobs in the industry.

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