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Dictionary Editor Resume

The main job of an editor for a dictionary is to make sure that the terms are spelled correctly and that the meanings are the ones listed. There are more types of dictionaries: bilinguals, multi-lingual and those explaining the meanings of words. It goes without saying that the editors that have to overlook bilingual or multilingual dictionaries must know those languages or at the very least to work with other editors who know those languages, in order to ensure accurate information. The dictionaries explaining the meaning of the words in a specific language may also be specific to a certain industry: medical, industrial, legal and so on. At times, the dictionary editor might even focus their knowledge on one or two of these types of dictionaries.


As an editor, you should know that best writing skills and a clear arrangement of ideas would take you a long way. This is also true for the resume writing. Stating a clear career goal at the beginning of your resume and offering the best input on your skills and previous experience will almost ensure you the position you seek for. Focus on your achievements, skills and duties specific to the editor's position (from all the job you had), but make sure to spread your resume on two pages tops. Remember that the dictionary editor resume listed below is a fictional resume, and you must include your own details in the resume you write, and be sure to update any information in it (address, phone numbers so on).

Sample Dictionary Editor Resume

Name: Sam smith
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue
N.W., Washington, DC 20460
Phone: (204) 972-5001

Career Objective

My objective is to provide accurate information so that people can have reliable sources from where to gather more knowledge.

Skills and Qualities

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Great for both team work and individual work
  • Fast, reliable and effective employee
  • Good communication and media skills
  • Excellent knowledge of English
  • Very good knowledge of the Spanish language
  • Knowledge of laws and legal codes
  • Reading comprehension skills
  • Quality control analysis skills
  • Judgment and decision making skills
  • Good in time management
  • Computer skills (Microsoft Word, Excel and other data editing programs)

Work Experience

Dictionary Editor, ABC Publishing Company, New York City, New York, 2003–2008

  • Researching the meaning of the words, both for Spanish and for English
  • Writing and reviewing the definitions in the dictionaries
  • Conducting and overseeing the research for words origins, pronunciation, alternative spelling
  • Conducting surveys on word popularity so as to know which words to be included
  • Performed other editing related tasks
  • Managed a team of five editors assistants
  • Suggesting new ideas for features with development staff
  • Researching information about words that make up languages
  • Conducting surveys to determine factors such as frequency of use for a specific word
  • Developing, new ideas or products including creative contributions
  • Developing new working relationships and maintaining them
  • Providing information and reports to supervisor and subordinates about ongoing projects
  • Conducting meeting with layout personnel, marketing managers and production directors to discuss ongoing projects and resolving conflicts and obstacles
  • Administer and coordinate work of other editors and reporters
  • Selected art, pictures and drawings to help with the meaning of words
  • Coordinating meetings for copy write permissions

Awards and Achievements

  • Best Editor of the Year Award, American Editors' Association; 2009
  • Guest speaker at the American Editor's Association
  • President of the American Editor's Association from 2007 to 2009


  • High school diploma in languages, City College, New York
  • Graduate degree in literature
  • Certification in advanced Spanish
  • Course in Bi lingual dictionary editing


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