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Encyclopedia Editor Resume

We should value books, as they are precious to us, in many ways. We get the education that we need by reading books, we spend our leisure time lost among the pages of a good novel, we use a poetry volume in order to find a beautiful proof of love for our wife or husband, the children grow with the fairy tales characters and the list is endless.


We get all kinds of information from the books that we read. But there are some special ones, called encyclopedias, in which the information is denser and it is grouped according to different themes and categories.

For example, if we are interested in planes and their history, then we will probably find everything that we need to know in such a book. Relevant and interesting texts, accompanied by vivid images, they all help us acquire a coherent and complete image of a thing/ animal/ scientific fact/ system.

Things are so organized within an encyclopedia due to the hard work of many persons, among which we can find the encyclopedia editor. His responsibility is that of analyzing the information within the book, as well as organizing it, so as the readers would easily find what they are looking for. He is also the one who would consult the specialized references in the field, in order to find more information about the subjects treated within the book.

For all these to be successful activities, the encyclopedia editor has to be a very methodical and organized person, very self-disciplined and hard-working. Patience is another characteristic trait of such a person. If you think that you would match this description, then maybe this is exactly the career that you are looking for. If this is the case, then what you will have to do is compose a resume. Here is how it should look like.

Encyclopedia Editor Resume Sample

Personal details:

Name: Mary Collins
Address: 293 Dunlop Street, Aberdeen, Scotland
Marital status: Married
Birth date: 12.01.1970


Being an encyclopedia editor means more than simply collecting and analyzing objective information, connected to specific domains. It means thinking of the people who will read that information, and about how easy and useful that process would be.


To become an encyclopedia editor within your publishing house, and thus to have the chance of proving that I have the necessary qualities so as to make people like browsing through encyclopedias.


Organized and methodical, with an eye for details, I am sure that I can not only take care of the information which an encyclopedia contains, but also of the overall impression that this kind of book leaves on its readers.

Skills and core competencies:

  • Very patient and methodical
  • Willing to work overtime in order to attain my goals
  • Very good communication skills
  • Very good analysis and synthesis abilities
Technical skills:

Computer literate (especially regarding the editing software)

Work experience:

Encyclopedia assistant editor, Brown Publishing House, Aberdeen, 1999-2008

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Organize and check the information to be included within the encyclopedias
  • Check the references in the field
  • Consult with experts regarding the information that we used
Education: Dean High School, Aberdeen, 1994-1998


  • Great results in communicating with well-known writers and scientists
  • Great results in creating attractive and useful encyclopedias
Areas of interest:



Mr. Anna Brown,
Brown Publishing House, Aberdeen
General Manager.

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