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Technical Writer Resume

Technical writers explicate in simple words technical and scientific ideas that are tricky for the regular reader to comprehend. Several of these writers create reports and articles on present trends in areas of expertise like engineering or science. Numerous technical writers in this field are ex- technicians and scientists, while others write about nonscientific areas of expertise. In addition, they can write diverse types of instruction manuals from how to care for a piece of clothing to how to use an electronic device. A few of them write promotional materials and press releases for firms that trade services and products. Newspapers, wire services and news magazines hire technical writers. Big metropolitan newspapers usually hire special writers to develop subjects like science, medicine, aviation, education, religion, aerospace and nutrition.


Becoming a technical writer implies having college education in one's background. Many of these professionals have a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism or English, while others specialize in a certain field such as engineering or medical fields. There is another possibility for getting a position as a technical writer by advancing from research worker to writer, but this depends on the company's policy.

After landing a job as a technical writer, a professional can be promoted to senior writer according to the experience and education he has. Other advancement possibilities are administrative and overseeing positions in the same department. A lot of these writes choose to become experts in their field. The prospects for this career look quite good. This is because the evolution of science and other domains plays a great part in the like of human kind. Throughout the year 2014, is expected for openings to increase considerably.

Technical Writer Sample Resume

Contact Details

Kathleen Gotham
99, North 22nd Street
Randomville, US 82828
(992)-123 1234


  • Dedicated professional seeking a relevant career in technical writing in a reputed and proficient company. Academic Background
  • English Composition Certificate from ABC University, Bigville, 2003
  • Associate's Degree in fundamental drafting & programming MNO Technical University, Bigville, 2001
  • Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering, ABC University, Someville, 1999 Proficiency in Computer Programming
  • Thorough knowledge of the MS Office Pack with all its applications and components
  • Practiced in the following programming language: Pascal, C++ , Java, Turbo Pascal, Python and Java Swing.
  • Experience with the following operating systems: Windows9X, 2000, ME, XP, Vista and 7 together with MS DOS, Linux and Unix.
Qualifications Summary
  • Self-motivated, dedicated and critical management staff
  • Have exceptional analytical skills in addition to mechanical abilities
  • Have capabilities in accepting and carrying out new responsibilities
  • Have vast researching abilities in a particular subject
Working Experience

Technical Writer, 2008- Present
ABC Writing Company, Randomville

  • Supply the necessary managerial lead for a few particular ventures such as A-3, EA- 6 and EP- 3D.
  • Carried out numerous researches for putting together the exact description of the manufacture, putting in place, elimination as well as upholding of various types of hardware.
  • Offer wiring figures outlines together with piece breakdown drawings for illustrations.
Technical Writer, 2005- 2008
Randomville Publications, Randomville
  • Carry out a lot of research work for giving the correct description of the manufacture, putting in place, eliminating as well as upholding various types of military hardware.
  • Accomplished an assortment of editing, improvement and lay out duties in the position of project leaders deskman.
GHJ Engineering, Someville, Editor, 2003-2005
  • Taken care of and conserved numerous dummy books for updating
  • Offered needed editing, coordinating, formatting and writing of huge suggestions, regarding government contracts.

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