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Translator Resume

A translator is that person who translates in writing the words from foreign languages into the translator's mother tongue usually. So this job is all about producing a document that would sound like if it had been designed from the beginning in this second language. In general, people are specializing in interpretation or in translation, and in certain areas or subjects of literature.


Regarding the obligations of this job, we have to include: the interpretation of spoken words or of a text that has to be translated from one language - this includes the translation of professional or technical terms, which requires knowledge of a complex terminology; translators adapt and translate from foreign languages according to local user requirements, adapt and process the material (such as conference proceedings, publicity articles for magazines, etc.) so that it can be used abroad. They also process specialized translation using professional terminology and give very precise meaning to the materials. They can translate legal documents using specialized or even literary terminology, without altering their artistic value.

The translators work in offices, conference rooms, meeting rooms and even outdoor. In order to succeed in this job, one has to express oneself perfectly in a certain language. When it comes to foreign languages, it is imperative to know perfect grammar.

If you have problems making a resume, then the following example may help you. When writing your resume, make it attractive and complex by presenting all your skills and abilities. Insist on presenting your ability of speaking and writing foreign languages and your previous experience if you have some. If you are a certified translator on more than one language besides English, then this may represent a great advantage for you.

Translator Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Annie Dawson
Birth Date: 12.08.1985
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Translators convert written material from one or more languages ensuring that the translated version has the same meaning as the original and it is as clear as possible. Translators need an excellent command of two or even more languages.


To become a translator and based on my knowledge and excellent command of three languages to make good translations.


High level of enthusiasm with proper dedication for a successful career and with huge experience in translating documents and other materials, I am looking forward to develop a successful career.

Qualities and Skills

  • Good communication skills, both written and oral
  • Very fluent in speaking and writing French and Spanish
  • Ability to edit and review other translations
  • Remarkable interpreting skills
  • Computer skills
Work Experience

Spanish and French Translator, Enigma Translations, Minneapolis, 2003-present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Translating scientific, technical, commercial, literary and legal documents
  • Prioritizing work to meet deadlines
  • Certified Spanish and French Translator
  • Bachelor of Arts, Spanish and French, Minneapolis University, Minneapolis, 2003
  • Performed other language translation duties as assigned
  • Improved command of idiomatic Spanish, French and English language and grammar
Areas of Interest
  • Foreign languages
  • Grammar

Richard Anderson
Enigma Translations

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