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Apparel Stock Checker Resume

An apparel stock checker person works in the stock house. This can be found behind the shop, where all the merchandise that is not on display is kept. A stock checker has many duties and responsibilities, and these are somehow different from a sales assistant's duties.

An apparel stock checker needs to check the stock of the clothes, to order new ones when the stock house is empty, and to return the defected ones to the providers.


The stock checker needs to add the price tags on the clothes, and to carry them from the shop to the stock house and back. They are in charge of arranging the clothes by type and size and they need to be able to work with the special computer programs that are required in the warehouse. The apparel stock checker works in shifts, sometimes even at night, and they need to have a good physical condition. They have to be able to lift medium to heavy things and boxes. Mostly males perform this job, and high education is not required.

Sample Apparel Stock Checker Resume


Name: Brian Spears
Birth date: 12.07.1985
Driver's license: Yes
Address: 177 Highway Street, Ohio
Phone number: 55-5485


I want to find a job at an apparel stock house in a big clothing chain shop


  • I can lift things easily, even heavy items;
  • I am available to work in shifts, at night, and long hours;
  • I am a reliable, trustworthy person;
  • I am organized, with an eye for details;
  • I can easily manage more tasks at the same time;
  • I am not easily overwhelmed by many duties;
  • I have extensive knowledge about how a warehouse works.
  • I do not have any previous work experience, however I learn fast and I am willing to train as to fulfill my tasks as efficiently as possible
  • High school diploma, Leef High, Ohio, 2006-2010

It is normal if sometimes, a person has no previous work experience. Especially for a job as an apparel stock checker, a high level of education is not required. It is a good place to start if you want to work in retail because you will learn many new things, and you can also be promoted to manager of the stock house.

It only depends on you and your will. When you write your resume, and you don't have any previous work experience, it's better to mention more of the skills you have and that can help you get the job. You do not need to write about things that are not related to the job you are applying for. Just write about the things you are good at, and you will get trained on the job.

Always put in your personal data, in order to be contacted. This is a mistake many people do, especially people that are not used to writing their own professional resume.

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