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Officer Resume Sample

Resume is an important document that you need to send during recruitment process. It decides your future in the job search process. A well-written effective resume improves your chances of being short listed for an interview. When applying for the post of officer, you should send a smartly written resume that lays emphasis on your work experience details. It is important to mention your contact details at top of the resume. As you mention these details at top, the recruiter does not have to struggle to find these details to call you for an interview. The job objective should be mentioned in a two to three lines only. Let the employers know your future job goals. We have provided an officer resume sample that you can use as guideline to draft your resume.


Officer Resume Sample

Personal Details:
Name: Steven S. Williams
Address: 2424 Lowes Alley
Westerville, OH 43081
Home: 740-278-5783
Cell No: 740-278-1496

Job Objective:
To work as Senior Security Officer is a multinational security company that believing in providing excellent security service to their clients and taking complete responsibility of their clients security needs.

Professional Experience:
Senior Security Officer, Alpha Corporate House, January, 2009 to present

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Managed and coordinated the work of 5 junior security officers
  • Was responsible for managing the security of entire corporate house premises
  • Making sure that enough vehicles and arms are available for patrolling the premises
  • Assisting in the recruitment of new security guards and making sure that the background checking is done appropriately
  • Maintaining records of the people visiting the premises and sending regular report to the management
  • Making note of any suspicious activities taking place in the premises and reporting to the management team

Security Officer, ATS Corporate House, July, 2007 to January, 2009

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • To manage security of the company
  • Registering name and details of the people entering the building premises
  • Inspecting and patrolling the property to stop illegal activities such as vandalism and thefts
  • Enforcing law if any kind of illegal or criminal activity is found in the vicinity
  • Writing a report on all the activities in the company premises and sending the report to the higher management on daily basis
  • Informing the police and higher management in case of any theft or crime issue

Education Details:
Bachelors in Arts, Ohio University, 2007


  • Assisted in organizing intercollegiate competitions
  • Represented the college in the intercollegiate martial arts tournament
  • Won the runner prize in the state level martial arts tournament
  • Participated in college sports tournaments
  • Played basket ball for the college team

Areas of Interests:

  • Martial Arts: Member of the Ohio martial arts association and participate in state level martial art tournament
  • Community work: Member of the local NGO that works to educate the underprivileged children

Edwin C. Kuster
Security Manager
Alpha Corporate House
2660 Shinn Avenue
Westerville, OH 43081
Cell No: 740-278-8569

Shawn S. Perez
Human Head
ATS Corporate House
2162 Elsie Drive
Westerville, OH 43081
Cell No: 740-278-2357

The officer resume sample mentioned above is a resume for security officer. You can use this resume as guideline to write customized resume. After drafting the resume, you should read and delete unnecessary information and correct mistakes in the resume. Keep the format of the resume simple. To highlight important details you can used bold, italic or underline. Your resume size should be limited to one or two pages only. The recruiters have to go through several applications for job. Hence a crisp, to-the-point resume that draws attention to important detail is essential.

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