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Oil Pipe Inspector Resume

It seems no surprise that an oil pipe inspector should have some experience in this field. They should either have worked as an oil pipe inspector in the past or as the assistant of one for at least a few years. The diploma needed is mostly that of a technical engineer. The specialists inspecting these pipes should be aware of the fact that when an oil pipe bursts open, a disaster will happen. Make sure that you are able to pass a drug test and sometimes a background check, since there are companies requesting these (such as Koch Pipeline Company).


The resume can be written using the template below, but only if the details are being replaced. Make sure to write a strong career goal, even if it sounds simple. When you try to gather the information from your past jobs to match the job description, make sure not to write more than two pages.

Sample Oil Pipe Inspector Resume


Name: James Donovan
Address: 150 W Main St, French Settlement, Louisiana, 70733
Driver's license: yes
Phone number: (423) 753-6464
Citizenship: US Citizen


Seeking to secure the position of Oil Pipe Inspector in your company where I can ensure maximum profitability by making use of my talents and experience.


  • Very good knowledge of the quality standards for manufacturing oil pipes
  • Paying great attention to details
  • Very good team member
  • Can work just as well individually
  • Strong communication skills
  • Good ability to prioritize more tasks
  • Very good understanding of graphics, designs, and readings done by machines
  • Paying great attention to the security and safety measures
  • Acting fast in times of emergency
  • Uncommon ability to monitor activities, materials or surroundings
  • Good in documenting and recording Information
  • Able to work in severe weather conditions, while wearing a protection and heavy suit


Oil Pipe Inspector,
Rogen Group,
Houston, Texas

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Used visual, X-ray, magnetic particles, ultrasonic and other techniques and machines to make sure the pipes meet the quality standards
  • Interpreted the results obtained from all the measurements, for the best action to be taken
  • Finding fast and proper solutions for various issues
  • Making inspection reports describing results and recommendations, or needed repairs
  • Inspection of pipe lines after construction
  • Inspection of welded storage tanks during and after construction
  • Inspection of pressure vessels after fabrications
  • Discarding or rejecting products or equipment which does not meet required specifications
  • Making reports on inspection results and advising necessary corrective actions
  • Inspection of onshore and off shore structural steel fabrication
  • Performing hydro test on the pipe lines and preparing hydro test package
  • Performing inspection before and after installation of equipments like level-Co-ordination with dumpy level
  • Inspection of SS piping fit up and welding
  • Visual inspection before, during and after welding as per need
  • Verification of purchased materials on arrival to make sure that everything matches the purchase order and making complaint reports when problem is found
  • Executing tests like tank circularity and verticality check
  • Inspecting equipment, structures or materials and making reports
  • Made sure the pipes were leak proof
  • Monitored the welding and the coating of the manufactured pipes
  • Developed and implemented policies and procedures needed for the manufacturing of the pipes and their maintenance
  • Adhered to the safety rules, regulations and made sure my coworkers did too
  • Controlled the costs for several projects


  • High School Diploma in mechanical engineering Houston Texas
  • Graduation in Mechanical instrumentation
  • Certification in oil pipe line management
  • Fire and safety course and basic first aid


Derik Smith
Rogen Group,
Houston, Texas

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