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Pressure Vessel Inspector Resume

A pressure vessel inspector has the job to inspect pressure vessel equipment to ensure conformance with safety standards and laws regulating their fabrication, design, repair, installation, and operation.

The job duties of a pressure vessel inspector include inspecting designs, drawings, and specifications for boilers, piping and other vessels, and performing tests to verify the condition of the equipment and the calibration of the gauges and meters, using hand tools and test equipment. Other responsibilities involve inspecting gas mains to determine if the rate of the pressure, flow, location and construction are in conformity to the standards. The pressure vessel inspectors evaluate the materials used, the regulators, safety devices, construction quality, the welding, pitting, riveting, cracking, corrosion, and the safety valve operation.


Pressure vessel inspectors calculate allowable limits of strength and pressure, and examine records to determine if the remedial actions and the inspection schedule conform to the regulations and procedures. They also are in charge of keeping records and preparing reports of investigations and inspection for administrative authorities, and of conferring with manufacturers, engineers, owners, and operators concerning problems in operation, construction, and repair.

Pressure vessel inspectors must have the ability to inspect equipment and the facilities in which they operate to determine performance and conformance to health, safety and environmental requirements. Inspectors must be certified and trained.

When you are writing a resume for the position of a pressure vessel inspector, you should add your skills and knowledge, your remarkable record conducting inspections of boilers, installations and related functions, your ability to write reports, and the ability to establish good working relationships with other workers.

Also, you should mention all the duties you performed at your previous jobs in order to set a clear vision for the potential employer of what services you can provide if getting the job.

Pressure Vessel Inspector Sample Resume

Personal Details
Name: Christian Duran
Address: 156 Avenue, Washington, USA, 55555
Home: (333) 555 4525
Cell: (333) 222 1234

Seeking a position as a Pressure Vessel Inspector

Summary of Qualifications

  • More than four years of experience in the domain
  • Knowledgeable about the matters pertaining to pressure retaining items like pressure vessel, boilers, and steam lines
  • Solid ability to write reports and apply safety codes and standards
  • Strong ability to establish effective work relationships with other workers

Professional Experience

Newman Safety Inspection Services
Pressure Vessel Inspector, 2003 - Present

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Inspected vessels and wrote reports
  • Offered advice and consultation following proper codes and formulas for complex applications
  • Performed standard tests to verify the condition of the equipment and the calibration of gauges and meters
  • Evaluated the materials used, the regulators, safety devices, pitting, riveting, cracking, corrosion, and safety valve operations
  • Examined inspection records and permits to determine that inspection schedule actions conform to regulations and procedures
  • Performed additional duties as assigned


Bachelor's Degree, Science and Technology, 1999
Washington University, Washington, USA

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