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Water Treatment Plant Operator Resume

Almost everyone understands that one has to drink 8 glasses of water a day. This will keep a person hydrated and in good physical shape. Water is provided from rivers, wells and streams and sent to water treatment plants, where it is being treated and sent out to clients. Wastewater is also treated and then returned to oceans, rivers and streams. Moreover, it can be utilized in irrigation. Operators from both sorts of plants operate machinery that destroys and removes bacteria, chemicals or other dangerous materials in the composition of the water.


Plant operators adjust and read gauges and meters to guarantee that the plant machinery is working correctly. They control devices that release chemicals into water in order to treat it. They acquire samples of water and examine them in specialized labs. If required, they regulate the quantity of chemicals, for instance chlorine, in the flow of water. Plant operators utilize a range of instruments to test and examine the quality of the water. In addition, they make slight fixings to valves, pumps, and further equipment, by maneuvering power and hand tools. In the last years, these professionals started to increasingly use computers to do everyday tasks in a water plant.

As for education, water treatment plant operators need: a high school diploma or a GED, an educational program regarding water technology, on the job training and some licensing, depending on the state they work in. A lot of water treatment plant operators finish an official training curriculum. Professional and technical schools along college 2 years programs in water quality are valid. Training programs end up in an associate's degree or certificate. Although one completes an official training program, he or she needs to undergo on the job training. A lot of water treatment plant operators acquire their abilities on the job because of an experienced professional.

In conclusion, competent applicants ought to have first-class job opportunities. Wastewater and water treatment plant operators generally have balanced employment. This is since their services are necessitated despite the situation of the economy.

Water Treatment Plant Operator Sample Resume

Personal Details

Jenna Jhons
11, Sky Road,
Someville, US 98765
Home: 123-456-7890
Mobile: 098-765-4321


Talented professional seeking an interview for urgent employment as a water treatment plant operator.

List of Skills

Educated water treatment plant operator practiced in monitoring machinery, making procedure management decisions, storing test results, recording and scheduling upholding activities, and putting together reports. Exceptional reputation. Prepared for instant placement.

Working Experience

Someville Water Treatment Plant


Water treatment plant operator

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Tested the water for any bacteria
  • Send samples to laboratories in case the tests turned out positive for bacteria
  • In charge of the maintenance of the equipment
  • Reported any problems which were beyond my area of expertise to the supervisor
Education and Training
  • Associate's Degree in Water Management, Someville College, 2005
  • Employee of the Year Award, 2008

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