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A resume is an important document that each and every professional drafts in the course of their career. The basic pattern of your resume remains the same no matter what your job profile is. Your resume should be effective and should have a universal appeal. It should begin with a good introduction, should have a summary, backed with your education, skills and previous work experience. Although you can format your resume as you like, your resume cannot be complete without the above set of information. The same is applicable in case of 'other resume'. Other resume implies some skill based and unique jobs which do not have a mass appeal but yet a few people opt for such jobs owing to their interest and unique taste. Animal trainer resume, management trainee resume, party plan salesperson, demonstrator resume, stamp classifier resume, grain buyer resume are some of the unique profiles that fall into this category.


While drafting a resume for any kind of job profile one should make sure that the document is professionally drafted. Your resume should not be very lengthy and overburdened with non-relevant information as this would lose the interest of the reader. A good resume should be precise, to the point and crisp. One should also note that since your resume reflects your persona, it should be drafted with the right choice of words leaving a positive impact on the employers.

It is also a good practice for job applicants to check the requirements of the job from the employer's perspective, before drafting a resume. This would help applicants to draft an effective resume which could further lead to grab the best jobs.

Here are a few essential contents of a good resume:

  • Introduction: Your resume should begin with an effective statement. It should take about your interest and why you have chosen the profile.

  • Objective: Candidates career objective and their future ambitions and aspirations should be effectively listed in this category. Objectives can stress on the kind of environment the candidate wishes to be a part of and where they wish to see themselves a few years down the line. The objectives of a resume should convince the employer that the candidate is in for a serious position and looking to work hard to achieve their future goals.

  • Contact details: Contact details should preferably be placed right in the beginning of the resume for employers to access the details without much effort. Contact details should include the candidates name, address, telephone number and email.

  • Qualifications and skills: Skills and qualifications are the highlight of a resume. They should be listed in the most effective manner for employers to take a decision if the candidate is suitable for the job.

  • Experience: Apart from qualifications and skills, in most cases, experience does the trick to grab the right job. The roles and responsibilities undertaken should be put in bullets as they are referred by most employers.

  • References: It is up to the candidate's discretion whether to put references in a resume or sent the information later. References would include the names of your supervisors from your previous firm, your professors or someone who has a good name in the same profile as yours.

  • Summary: The summary would include a short gist of your career. This would be your past achievements, your present aspiration and also your future goals. Summary can be placed in the beginning or in the end depending on the candidate's preferences.

Just like a general resume, other resume also follows the same kind of pattern and layout. While drafting a resume, one should bear in mind that their basic aim of drafting a resume is to get the job they have always desired.

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