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Animal Trainer Resume

Animal trainer resume is constructed in order to search for the position of animal trainer with the related job profile. Usually trainer with experience has an added advantage with respect to the fresher applying for the job profile. It is the role of an animal trainer to conduct the training programs for the animals so that they can perform on the activities on the stage. They are also responsible for the maintenance of different types of animals and develop the behavior of the animals. They should provide the training in such a manner that the animals should understand the signal of the trainer during the performance. They might also be required to evaluate the animals in order to determine their temperament, aptitude and the abilities of the animals. Another important duty of the animal trainer is to feed and exercise the animals and to provide general care. The trainer needs to keep a record of accomplishment of the health and hygiene of the animals.


While drafting the resume for the position of animal trainer, you need to spotlight on your credential. Be specific in what you are including in your resume and make sure that it is to the best of your knowledge. Do not include fake information in your resume, as many applicant do; otherwise it can lead problem in future. It is essential that to include prior experience with animals and additional qualification, as it acts as an added advantage in your profile and it might also be a good idea to include the training that you have received in the field. Now let us have a sample animal trainer resume, as it will clear your doubts in a much better way.

Sample Animal Trainer Resume

Contact Information
Name: Robert Dwayne
Address: 112, Riverside Road, Algoma, Major City, USA
Email address:
Phone No: 998-992-8383

Career Objective

Seeking the job of an animal trainer in your company. As I have an experience of 6 years in this field, my skills and experience will work for the development of the company. I am a highly skilled animal trainer with a solid background regarding the training of animals for different purposes such as training animals to perform their act on the stage for different shows and competitions. I also have a good knowledge of taking care of the animals and fulfill their daily needs such as food and other requirements.

Skills and Competencies

  • Good training skills
  • Excellent knowledge of the behavior of animals
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to develop good relationships with the coworkers
  • Able to work in any circumstances
  • Passion for animals
  • Motivates people in the surroundings
  • Able to tackle risky situation at the time of the show
  • Hardworking and enthusiastic
  • Good knowledge of ethics and animal rights
  • Good analytic skills and organized

Work Experience

Designation: Animal Trainer
Organizational Name: Animal Friends, Inc., New York, USA
Duration: October 2005– Till Date

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Advise the potential owners about the kind of animal they should purchase
  • Arrange for mating
  • Keep a track record regarding the health of the animals, their diet and behavior
  • Arrange proper shelter for the animals as per the requirement
  • Retrain the animals
  • Interact with the animals to get them used to the environment and the surroundings
  • Use different command and signs to train the animals
  • Instruct the workers to perform their duties
  • Arrange the shows and competitions of animals

Educational Qualifications

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from New York University, United States in the year 2004


Efficiently training a high number of animals and prepare them for shows and competitions

Areas of Interest

  • Animal training
  • Animal psychology
  • Animal care
  • Animal health and anatomy


Name: Bobby Ray
Designation: Manager
Organization: Animal Friends, Inc., New York, USA
Phone No: 876-009-9876
E-mail id:

Name: Michal Thomas
Position: Senior Manager
Organization: ABC Animals Club, Major City, USA
Phone No: 589-785-3214
E-mail id:

Other personal details

  • Date of Birth: 5 January 1984
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital status: Married
  • Children: Two
  • Driver's License: Yes, B category

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