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Cataloguer Resume

The cataloguer has to make lists of books, articles, videos and audio tapes on specialized topics. He has to make extracts from each document indexing based on notes and catalogs. Sometimes, the cataloguer may recommend new titles to be purchased in some areas. In order to be capable of recommending the correct books, the cataloguer has to possess information and have excellent communication skills.


Practitioners of such occupations deal with the identification, structuring, drafting and sending a bibliography on the topic; they code, classify and catalogue various publications in the library and also they give advises to readers. In this filed one has to be well informed and to pay attention when making the catalogue.

This job is perfect for anyone who likes books and it is interested finding out a little more about new publications. If a job as a cataloguer is what suits you best then make sure that your resume will reflect this very well. For you to convince your employer further that you are perfect for the job include in your resume your education, computer skills and abilities of analyzing and systematizing.

Cataloguer Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Annie Grow
Birth date: 2.09.1989
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


A cataloguer is a person trained to make book catalogues and to index them and to keep records of all catalogues. They will support and advice all the peoples coming at the library. The cataloguer has to deal with various categories of people and to give them all advices. Normally, cataloguers work in big libraries.


To get a position as a cataloguer and to take care that all books, magazines and other study materials are correctly indexed and catalogues are made; to improve and develop knowledge and to keep records and index books


Good with figures and with great concentration ability I am eager to start working as a cataloguer. I have great knowledge about working in a library from the previous job and I can deal with the duties of this job with great success.


Computer skills
Good at indexing and making catalogues

Work Experience

Cataloguer, Central Library, Home Town, 2007-persent

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Identifying, structuring and preparing bibliographies for specific subjects
  • Providing the foundation of library information by selecting relevant information sources
  • Archiving informative materials
  • Updating permanently existing information found with the specialized bibliography, materials
  • Performing bibliographic research documentaries
  • Developing bibliographic studies in the requested
  • Making references, bibliography lists, tables, etc.
  • Giving bibliographic advice
  • Encoding, classifying and cataloging various publications (books, magazines, movies, CDs)
  • Participating regularly in specialized courses and trainings

B.A. in Library Science, Home Town College, 2006


Maintained the quality of the Library's database
Developed computer skills

Areas of interest

  • Administration
  • Professional development
  • Literature
  • Management

Veneto Smith
Central Library

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