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Funeral Attendant Resume

Funeral attendant resume will enable you to write a resume that will open your career in the funeral arrangement industry. Although this industry is not in the sunny side, you can make a good living owing to the rising need of funeral planning. The family of the deceased would not be in a mindset to make arrangements for guests, therefore a funeral arrangement team comes into play.

First, you need to finish a course in funeral services. To accommodate with work in such a domain, which is considered macabre by some people, you should take into account starting first with a course in embalming. This can lead to getting hired as a funeral attendant. This specialization will be helpful in familiarizing yourself with the everyday work of a funeral home.


A driver's license is considered an advantage, as in some cases, you might have to run mortuary vans, horses and vehicles of passengers attending the burial.

Last but not least, you have to show qualities such as empathy towards the people who have just suffered a great loss, compassion and good communication and listening skills.

Below are few job duties and task for a funeral attendant:

  • Assisting mourners when they enter or exit their vehicles
  • Transferring the deceased to the burial
  • Obtaining burial permits and registering deaths
  • Cleaning funeral chapels
  • Greeting people at the funeral
  • Assisting and packing funeral remains as required

Job activities for a funeral attendant

  • Performing or working with people – directly dealing with the public which include serving clients or guests
  • Assisting others – helping customers and co-workers
  • Maintaining personal relationships
  • Handling objects
  • Communicating with supervisors and peers

Skill requirements for a funeral attendant

  • Active listening – listen what people are saying and understanding their problems
  • Speaking – conveying your thoughts easily
  • Coordination – relating to others actions
  • Strategies – using methods which are less time consuming and effective for the given situation

Ability requirement for a funeral attendant

  • Expressive – communicating ideas or information well with others
  • Comprehension – ability to understand sentences and words presented verbally
  • Speech clarity – ability to speak clearly so that people understand you easily
  • Speech recognition – identify and analyze speech of other individual

Knowledge requirements for a funeral attendant

  • Knowledge about the profession and taking care of customer satisfaction
  • Well versed with language required for the job description

You can use the sample resume below to apply for this position. All you have to do is change the personal information and add the education you have and the experience gathered, if this is the case. Prove that you are a hardworking individual and the employer will contact you without a doubt.

Sample Funeral Attendant Resume


Name: Mark Twain
Birth date: 11/28/1975
Place of birth: Texas


A funeral attendant needs to show compassion, patience and understanding to the suffering people and relatives attending a funeral.


To make the funeral service, the highest homage to the person who has just passed away, as the final act of respect for the life that just came to an end.


  • Able to keep my composure in these deeply moving and painful times
  • Very well organized and entrepreneurial spirit

Core Competencies

  • Extremely analytical mind
  • Good communication capabilities and obedience
  • Resistance to emotional stress
  • Positive attitude towards life, even if it is an area of maximum seriousness

Work Experience

Funeral attendant, "Sundown", Texas, 1996–2009

Duties And Responsibilities

  • Execution of different tasks before and during the burial ceremony.
  • Welcoming people who attended the funeral
  • Driving the Funeral vehicle, from where the funeral takes place to the cemetery
  • Decorating the chapel with the flowers and candles


Graduate of embalming and funeral assistant courses, National College, Texas.


13 years of working in this field.

Areas Of Interest

  • Embalming
  • Funerals


John Moses
Funeral services Director
"Sundown", Texas.

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