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Grain Buyer Resume

If you ever thought of working as grain buyer, you should know that this job has a lot of responsibilities and duties for you to accomplish.


First of all, as a buyer you must purchase items such as materials, equipment and in the grain buyer case, well, you will have to purchase different grains for the company you work for. Also, you must respect all the regulations and procedures that are in accordance with every purchase you make. Additionally, you will have to review and analyze all the merchandise that you bought or you want to buy and it goes without saying that you must do some research regarding the supplies before making a decision. You can even participate in different auctions and buy from there what you need. Remember that for this job you should have initiative and you should always research for the products you need. You will also have to solve problems between the vendor and the company.

If you want to apply for this kind of job you should know how to write your CV in a correct and clear manner. Don't forget that a CV is like the image of your achievement in your career. Here is an example of a CV for this kind of work place.

Grain Buyer Resume Sample


Name: Jake Richard
Birth date: 12.12.1980
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Children: Yes/two
Driver's License: Yes


A Grain Buyer has to have extensive knowledge of the agricultural field, especially of the grains industry, in order to be able to recognize different types of grains and their quality. He has to have negotiation skills in order to close satisfactory deals with the providers and should be able to maintain good relationship both with the customers and the suppliers.


I want to become a grain buyer at your company and to prove that I have the necessary knowledge, experience and skills that you are looking for. I want to purchase quality merchandise that fits the standards of your company.


In my opinion I have a great knowledge and the necessary skills and experience for this kind of job. I am looking forward to working for you and contributing to the general profitability of the company by negotiating purchases at smaller prices.


  • Dynamic, positive and friendly personality
  • Ability to work long hours
  • Resistant to stressful situations
  • Great knowledge regarding the practices and procedures of purchasing items
  • Excellent communication skills-verbal and written form
  • Great in establishing and maintaining working relationships
  • Ability to work without supervision
  • Good knowledge regarding materials, certain products

Buyer at Williams Company, 2004-2009


  • Dealt with customers' complaints and feedback
  • Provided information and solved problems
  • Prepared and analyzed specific techniques regarding marketing activities
  • Inspected the market to find out the clients' preferences

Bachelor's Degree in Management and Marketing, University of Utah
Customer Psychology Certificate at the University of Utah


  • Dealt with the clients' complaints and solved them in the best way possible
  • Obtained great results when dealing with new challenges
  • Developed skills in this field of activity
  • Management
  • Customer Service
  • Psychology

John Williams
Williams Company, Utah

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