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Mediator Resume

Being a Mediator can be a very difficult job, but for those with a lot of patience, confidence and strong negotiation skills, things can turn out to be very challenging and rewarding. Their duties include gathering relevant information, analyze it and try to come up with a settlement mutually agreed by the parties. However, each party is entitled to reject the mediator's resolution and start a new negotiation session.


When creating your Mediator Resume you have to pay a lot of attention to your professional objective. When writing it, make sure you clearly state what you want to do. Continue with mentioning all your previous working positions that are relevant for the position you are seeking now. Emphasize your responsibilities as well as certain achievements or successful actions you've had. Also, pay attention to your educational background. Mediators must be very perceptive and able to understand and solve simple and complex problems. An educational background in Psychology or social studies can be very helpful.

Mediator Sample Resume

Contact information

Name: Meredith Shane
Address: Eldridge Street, New York
Birth date: 05.02.1970
Marital Status: Married
Children: Two
Driver's License: B category, 2000


From my point of view, Mediators are legal professionals who act as a third party in a dispute. Their main responsibility is to remain impartial during negotiations and to have both parties interest in mind.


Looking for a position as a Mediator within an organization where I can use my previous work experience and personal skills and abilities in order to solve problems and disputes between organizations.


Dynamic, impartial and trustworthy Mediator with excellent communication skills and previous work experience, I am willing to take initiative and face new challenges at the work place.

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Interpersonal competences;
  • Very good organizational skills;
  • Efficient in time management;
  • Excellent negotiation abilities;
  • Problem solver;
  • People oriented;
  • Impartiality and confidentiality;
  • Oral comprehension;
  • Active listener;
  • Computer literate;
  • Patient and responsible;
  • Honest and correct;
  • Decision maker;
  • Social perceptiveness;
  • Deductive and inductive reasoning;
  • Speech clarity;
  • Attention to details;
  • Able to analyze and interpret data;
  • Ability to work under stress.
Work experience

Mediator, 2001-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Acted as counselor and arbitrator for both disputing parts being totally fair;
  • Analyzed contract agreements, terms and conditions;
  • Organized and coordinated hearing to evaluate contentions of parties regarding disputed contract provisions;
  • Interviewed disputing parts;
  • Evaluated witnesses in order to obtain relevant information;
  • Determined existence and amount of liability, according to evidence, laws, and administrative and judicial precedents;
  • Prepared settlement agreements for disputants;
  • Ensure neutrality and impartiality through the entire process;
  • Ensure case confidentiality;
  • Organize and deliver public presentations about mediation to organizations
Assistant Mediator, 1998-2001

Duties and responsibilities

  • Assisted mediator in preparing case hearings and materials;
  • Handled case files and maintained data base;
  • Established the date of arbitration and notified disputing parties of pending mediation

Master's Degree in Law, Harvard University
Psychology Training sessions, Harvard University

Achievements and affiliations

Designed a successful mediation strategy
Member of the American Association of Mediators

Areas of interest

Corporate Mediation
Family Mediation


References available upon request

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