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Museum Conservator Resume

Museum Conservators are people hired for preserving objects and for making sure that they will not be damaged. Normally, the museum conservator is specialized in certain materials - for example, textiles, furniture, paintings. Conservators clean paintings and preserve objects made of paper, wood, or clay. The museum conservator is also known as the restorer.


The duties and responsibilities of a museum conservator are to monitor the condition of objects which have to be displayed or stored, to use chemicals to preserve these objects and, if necessary, to apply different treatments to the objects with historical or cultural value like: books, jewelry boxes, tools, weapons, pictures, armor, etc.., to protect them from moisture, heat or other environmental influences. The conservators have to repair surfaces, reassemble objects with broken parts, or when necessary, build mounts for fossils. Also, he makes copies and models and keeps track of the rehabilitation works done on each item.

Where do they operate and under what circumstances? Primarily, the museum conservators work in specialized laboratories in the conservation of objects, where exposure to chemicals is inevitable. In their job, they use conservation equipment, hand tools and fittings. So, conservators conduct historical, scientific, and archaeological research and they use the results of their research to determine the age and condition of a given object.

A strong resume for applying to this job has to contain a qualification in the field, perhaps a university degree in that discipline and also has to give proof of concentration and manual dexterity which are vital in this job, as a museum conservator.

Museum Conservator Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Jessica Blind
Date of birth: 23.05.1977
Driven license: Yes


Museum conservators are these people who take care and restore all our treasures: paintings, plant and animal specimens, pottery, ancient books, jewelry, and other objects of historic value.


To become a museum conservator and take the effort to restore museum objects; to live up to the importance of the job through my activities of restoring. To use my previous experience in this field and to improve and develop all my abilities while working for you; to show my appreciation for objects of art through my work


Talented and experienced professional, with excellent manual dexterity and organizational skills as well as well trained, I can appreciate art and I am excited to start working for your institution.

Skills and abilities

  • Extremely analytical mind
  • Flexible, can easily adapt to new places
  • Able to work long hours
  • Ability to use conservation equipment
  • Manual dexterity
Work Experience

Museum Conservator, Minneapolis Museum, Minneapolis, 2004 to present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Determining the condition of art works and the best method of preserving them
  • Maintaining full conservation records
  • preserving works of art
  • Proposing and estimating the costs of treatments.

M.A., Museum Conservation, Boone University, 2004


  • Worked out creative solutions to repair sensitive art objects
  • Improved manual dexterity
Areas of interest
  • Data analysis and rehabilitation
  • Art objects

George Michael
Minneapolis Museum

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