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Music Arranger Resume

An Arranger's main purpose is to organize the diverse parts of a musical piece. This is done by determining the instrument, voice, harmonic structure, tone balance, tempo and rhythm to attain the wanted effect. A gifted Arranger can choose a song and with the help of resourceful arrangement, transform it into a hit tune. A fine Arranger will have the knowledge of modern music trends. One of the roles of this professional is to transcribe a musical piece for an orchestra, choral group, individual artist or band with the intention of adapting the tune to an approach unlike the one in which it was initially written.


The Arranger might, as well as working on fresh tunes, consider new arrangements for some older songs and classics. In addition to collaborating with recording artists, arrangers can work together with artists for arranging the music for concerts. Music arrangers that work in favor of music publishers are in charge of developing unique or/and new ways of writing and playing music. The music arranger may even choose working in television. In this sort of job, the professional can be responsible for creating music for musical guests and skits on various shows or comedies.

In order to become a music arranger, there is no need of formal education, but some training is advisable for better chances of employment. These professionals need to know a lot of details regarding music, so coursework in college and conservatory is suitable.

Music Arranger Resume Sample

Contact Details

Jenna Gordinni
33, Blue Street
Blueville, US, 737773
Home: (222) 122-3211,
Mobile: (234) 123-5678


Seeking a position as Music Arranger.


  • Remarkably talented, imaginative and dedicated music arranger with a lot of experience in determining instrument, voice, harmonic structure, tempo, rhythm, etc. of a musical piece; arranging music for orchestras and artists.
List of Qualifications
  • Over 4 years of experience
  • Profoundly knowledgeable of all types of instruments
  • Solid knowledge of various historical times and orchestras and enthusiasm to learn about other historical times and music.
  • Outstanding capability to perform duties under deadlines and pressure
  • Exquisite knowledge of the function, perception and use of all musical instruments and their usage in spiritual reverence.
  • Unique ability to examine, build up and apply a music organization to promote the admiration and veneration of the Almighty God.
  • Admirable skills in reading music and transferring its purpose to choral display
  • Special abilities to understand and reproduce music by ear and shift its application to other arrangements.
  • Vast knowledge of managerial and interpersonal abilities
  • Deep understanding of music theory, harmony, composition, and orchestration
  • Demonstrated ability to put together music and duplicate charts
  • Strong capacity of reading music
  • Exceptional musical "ear"
Working Experience

Blue Company, Blueville
2006 - present

Music Arranger

  • Composing musical scores for band, orchestra, individual artists, or choral groups, with the usage of comprehension of instrumental or vocal music theory.
  • Transposing music from one instrument or voice to another in order to accommodate certain musician in a musical band.
  • Adapting musical pieces for orchestra, individual artists, choral group or band
  • Copying segments of score for particular performers
  • Determining voice and other musical aspects in order to attain the preferred effect
  • Bachelor's Degree in Music
Blueville University (2005)

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