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Pawnbroker Resume

A pawnbroker, much like a personal bank, exchanges money for valuable items with those in need of immediate liquid cash. As a pawnbroker, one has to estimate the value of the offered property, add interest, and lend money to the clients. They usually make a legal contract where all the terms and conditions of the agreement; along with the interest is mentioned. An estimate time for the client to return the money along with a certain interest rate is listed on the document. Both parties sign this document. When the client comes back with the money and repays the loan, the pawnbroker returns the object, or the objects. In case if the sum of money is not repaid, the pawnbroker has complete right to sell the property and claim the money. For smooth running of the business, a pawnbroker has to keep records of all the day-to-day operations and constantly keep a check on when the contract is nullified. Likewise, they also need to answer queries of customers or might as well extend the time limit upon request. In such cases, both the parties agree upon a mutual date to return the money with a higher interest rate. A pawnbroker resume should highlight the candidate's skills and their efficiency in doing the job.


The job is not difficult, but the responsibility is high. The pawnbroker will be responsible for the received objects and for keeping count of money. While drafting a pawnbroker resume one should highlight their computer skills, arithmetic skills and the ability to work in an office set up. One should focus on these skills in your resume; but do not limit yourself to them. Include any other information that may draw attention on you. You have to come out as a reliable individual who can manage large sums of money in an accurate manner.

Pawnbroker Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Camellia Samson
Birth date: 18.10.1984
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes
Address: 149 Park Avenue Street, New York, New York
Phone Number: (1457) 578-897


A pawnbroker is a person who lends money to people in times of need. For security, the pawnbroker lends money in lieu of valuable or property papers. It is better for you to know that they exist like a solution when you have no other options to borrow money from.


To obtain a job as a pawnbroker and to focus on accomplishing all the duties assigned; to communicate well with all the customers and to be a good employee; to please all the customers and to bring profit to the company


Well trained with good mathematical skills and a keen desire to obtain this job, I am qualified and ready to start work immediately. I possess great interpersonal skills and I have the ability to negotiate with people.


  • Great communication and interpersonal skills
  • Management skills
  • Responsible
  • Good at mathematics and can calculate fast
  • Self motivated

Work Experience

Pawnbroker, Eve Pawnbroker, Small Ville, 2005-2009

Duties and responsibilities

  • Offering money in exchange for items of value
  • Preparing contracts for the received objects
  • Fixing the interest rate
  • Appreciating the value of objects
  • Returning the objects after the loan is repaid
  • Selling the objects in case the client fails to return the money
  • Making inventory on a monthly basis
  • Offering the necessary information to clients and explaining the whole process so as to avoid any confusion


Bachelor's degree in Business and Foreign Trade, Small Ville University, Small Ville, 2004


Received appreciations on several occasions for the kind of work done

Areas of interest



Elise Froth
Small Ville University, Small Ville
Contact number: (1487) 458-589

Candidates can use the above pawnbroker resume sample as a reference before drafting an effective resume in this profile. Candidate's skills and their interest to work in this profile should form the major highlight of the resume.

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