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Resume Tips

There are some topics and rules that the applicant has to respect in order to have a professional resume. The resume has to offer the employer a description of the candidate's objectives, work and education experience, skills or achievements. Here are some pointers on how a resume should look like.


When writing a resume, the applicant has to know how to arrange the career qualifications in order to have an accurate and professional resume. There are different types and formats for resumes, the candidate should choose the one that fits his experience and education better. For example: there are chronological and functional formats. The chronological type of resume focuses on the candidate's employment history. If the applicant chooses this type then he should list the work experience also in a chronological order. The work history has to be added in resume from the most recent to the least. If the applicant's employment history has gaps, then he should better choose for the second type of resume: the functional format. The functional format is based more on the candidate's skills and achievements than on the chronology of the employment history.

Another type of resume can incorporate both of the resume formats: the functional as well as chronological one. This format focuses on the chronology of the employment and on the candidate's achievements. This type of resume should only be used if the applicant has a solid experience not only in education but also in the employment history. The candidate should assure that he has a professional resume that stands out. There are differences between making a resume look professional and effective through creativity and making it unique through language and content.. The resume has to be written in an accurate and correct language.

Except the content, the applicant has to focus his attention on the appearance of the resume. A resume has to be simple and classic, with professional right font sizes, the applicant should never use images or colors. Also it is better not to use too much bolding or underlining for effect. The applicant's resume has to incorporate both the parts: focus on content by adding experience, objectives, education or skills and appearance by using correct language and professional fonts.

A resume has to contain some basic sections like objective, education, careerr history, skills and achievements. The applicant's resume should first contain a heading with full name, address and contact information. The contact information has to be written in an accurate and professional manner. The objective has to describe the type of job the applicant searches for and with what experience or skills he can achieve this. In the next section, the candidate has to mention his educational experience. The applicant should list here all his educational experience from the most recent to the least. He has to mention the period of education, the degrees obtained, coursework. Employment history is other section in a resume. The candidate has to list the positions in which he was employed in the last ten years. He has to include the name of the employer, the job title, the location of the company, dates of employment, responsibilities. Achievements and skills can also be added to a resume, these can offer the employer other information about the applicant.

A resume has to be professional, accurate, with a specific format and has to contain all the information required by an employer.

Following are the resume tips:

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