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Adding Certifications to Resume

Certifications can improve a resume and can offer an applicant more chances to obtain a job. This way a resume will offer the employer an overview of the candidate's achievements. Many applicants face problems when adding certifications to resume because certifications don't represent a career history or education. Certifications are considered a hands-on type of training that is why they have to be included in a separate section called Professional Certifications.


An applicant may be trained in computer programming, technical writing, or can study a language and many other topics. These steps are a guideline on how to add these certifications to resume. Before adding any certificate in a resume, the applicant must differentiate the certifications required for a job and the ones that are extra for the position that the candidate is considering. Most applicants have degrees in major areas of study and separate certifications from courses and training programs in specialized areas. Candidates usually have certifications related to the career or the position to which theyare applying. There are many websites that can offer the candidate the possibility to get certified in many domains. Also these sites are helpful for studying and for passing the certification exams.

When adding certifications to resume it is better to include the type and the title of the certificate received, the start and completion dates of the training, the location of the training, the classes, the coursework or the basic topics learned, responsibilities and tasks, every achievement or success has to be mentioned just like the education section. The Certification Section can sometimes be added before the Education Section, because it is likely that the applicant signed for the certification training after graduating. It is better to start mentioning and describing certifications from the most recent to the least. This way the employer can follow the applicant's certifications history. Another idea for adding certification to resume is to create a section after the candidate's higher education that can be called "Related Skills and Expertise".

There are applicants that usually have certifications in a specific area of interest, but there are also others that have many certifications that are not quite related to one another. In this case, the applicant can include the certifications related to the job that he is applying for in the Certification Section and the certifications which are not related to the subject can be added to the Achievements and Skills section. As a result, not only that the certifications can offer capability in a certain area, but also can present transferable achievements and skills that the employer can definitely consider when hiring.

By doing this, the employer can see that the candidate had focused on a specific area but managed to gain other skills related to the topic of the certificate. When adding certification to a resume, the applicant must be careful on the differences he makes between the main certificate obtained and the skills he gained. He has to add it so that the employer can see the candidate's prioritizing in the career qualifications compared to the job that he is applying for.

Adding certifications to resume is an important step to a professional resume and for a successful career so by following some basic steps the candidate can have extra chances in the work field.

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