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Adding Freelance Work to Resume

Adding freelance work to resume is a tricky job, and it is important to know how to do it. If the applicant does not offer a clear description of previous freelance work, then he/she might communicate their work experience in a wrong way, causing issues when applying for a job. The first problem with adding freelance work is that the applicant may not have proof to demonstrate that he was working for himself. The employer can believe that the applicant was unemployed with no direction.


Here are some helpful steps to add freelance work to resume:

When adding freelance work to resume, one has to be specific regarding the company and the type of job performed. The more specific the data is the more chances they have. The candidate has to describe in clear, accurate, and concise manner the nature of their freelance work. Employers think of freelance work as "unemployed" or "between jobs". Therefore, in order to destroy this myth, the applicant has to take their freelance work seriously and to present the employer the results of previous work in a way that shows the employer that the work did not mean waste of time and resources. The candidates should successfully communicate the fact that the said freelance work was a forward and not a backward step to their successful career. If the applicant actually has a business name, then it is better to add on the resume. Many freelancers choose to name the business with their full name, while there are some who choose a professional business name. The second might be a beneficial option so that the employer can see the candidate's freelance work is professional and serious.

This way, the employer can see proof and make research regarding the applicant's freelance business. The applicants can add the details of the clients that they worked with, the nature of their job and the responsibilities and tasks. They can also add the names and phone numbers of some clients, or freelance writers or web designers can give URLs to present their work. If the applicants have worked with individuals, then they can also list names and phones numbers but obviously with the permission of those individuals. If the candidates have worked with large companies and firms, then they should enlist on the resume, the website address or the phone number of the companies in case the employer wants to verify some information. This way, the candidate can assure the employer that their freelance work is verifiable and valid. In order to give proof of the professionalism of his freelance work, the applicant can add or attach to the resume a list of client testimonials. This way the employer can validate their work in a professional manner and get a positive feedback.

The candidate can have more than one area of expertise but the most important thing is that they have to focus and describe the one that looks more professional. For example, presenting a long list of topics can look excessive and superficial. The key word is quality and not quantity.

If suppose you were doing certain freelancing work while working for some other company, and adding it on the resume does not reflect upon any new quality/skill of yours, then it is better not to add it. Some companies might ask you funny questions like "will you continue to do freelancing work even after joining our company?", and you will find yourself in a pickle. Therefore, mention freelance work only if it is beneficial and reflects on some new specific qualities/skills of yours.

With the help of these steps, the applicant can simply add and describe his freelance work to an employer.

The words used on the resume should be specific as some people use "freelancing" as a synonym to "out of work" in resumes, which is a big mistake. If you are adding "freelance work" to your resume, make sure you state the details like type of work, clients, specific work done by you, references, or testimonials from previous clients, and you will not face any problems regarding freelance work experience. To conclude, the applicant should be specific and accurate when describing his freelance work. He has to add proof and demonstrate his seriousness to the employer.

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