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Adding Internship to Resume

There are many people who choose internships during school time or after graduation, but few of them know how to add internship to a resume in order to attract the employer's interest and attention and to become a competitive applicant for a job. Here are some tips in adding internship to resume, on how to add it and why it is important. First of all, the applicant should know how important is an internship and how can an internship help him.


An internship offers the employer a look at the hands-on experience of the applicant, and this can totally be an extra and can differentiate the applicant from others. If the applicant has recently graduated or switched careers and has a minimal experience then an internship is a great choice. This can offer the candidate the possibility to exercise and practice his professional skills. As a result, an internship is a good choice no matter what is the previous experience or education and it should be treated like a professional work experience.

When adding internship to resume, the candidate has to mention the major but also the minor responsibilities held during the professional internship. For example, it is better to start with the major responsibilities and then to add the indirect minor responsibilities which resulted from the major ones. The tasks of the candidate during the internship should be mentioned as being part of the position or the industry that the applicant is aiming to. By doing this, the candidate can create a special resume by adding a new tone. He can make and create connections between the responsibilities that he held during the internship and the ones that are part of other jobs for which he is applying.

After this, the candidate can add his achievements during the internship. For example, if he helped to develop a campaign, to initiate an important project, to save money for the company or to attract new clients and customers. These are important elements that must be included because the employer can see that the candidate got involved in the company's projects. It is important to know that even though interns usually don't have a leading role, they are still involved in the company's projects and can help achieving some corporate goals. That is why every project or activity is worth to mention, every successful effort of the candidate is a vital element.

Another important thing that the candidate should consider is to add a testimonial or a referral from different employers or colleagues from the internship. They can add a few words about the applicant's involvement in the activity of the company, about the collaboration and the results of the internship. This can be considered as a professional reference, but much more concise. This can emphasize the experience gained by the applicant during the professional internship and his implication in the projects and achievements of the company.

An internship represents a key element in the professional development of a person and adding it to a resume is important, because it offers the employer an overview of the applicant's professional skills and achievements. Internships can be added in the history of experience or can be added as a new section called Professional


Adding internship to resume should be done in this matter:

08/2010- present PR Intern
Punch Communications
City, State

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