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How a Resume is Supposed to Look

Every resume has to have a specific format in order to look professional. The resume has to be well written and every section has to contain specific details. Except the basic format, there are some customized sections that the applicant can include. Another important thing that the applicant has to know is that every section has to be arranged in a special manner. The fundamentals sections that have to be added are: objective, education, career history, skills and achievements. Here are some pointers and examples on how a resume is supposed to look.


The first important thing is the heading. Here the candidate has to include his full name, address and contact information. This header can either be centered or can be placed to the left. No matter the location, the heading has to be clean, accurate and professional. Here is an example:

Sample Resume

Katherine Brooks
132 West Street
Los Angeles, CA 90456

The second important thing is the objective. Here the applicant should focus on the goals and what he is looking for. The objective has to be mentioned in maximum two sentences and the candidate has to state what type of job he is seeking for and with what experience or skills he can achieve this. An objective can look like this: "Seeking for a Full-time 11 p.m.-7 a.m. position as a Certified Nursing Assistant in an environment where professionalism and teamwork is common procedure. Here, I can use my previous experience with patients to provide basic nursing care procedures."

The following section that the candidate has to focus on is education. He has to add the years he attended school, the type and the name of the degrees he obtained, accreditation earned, the courses studied. The applicant can include High School Degree or GED, Associates Degree, Bachelors Degree, Masters or a PhD. If the applicant has a higher educationthen it is better not to list high school, but if he only has a high school degree it is better to list it with full details. The educational qualifications have to be listed from the most recent to the least. The applicant can list here if he has special achievements, for example if he has a GPA above 3.0.

The education can look like this:

University of Boston, 2002-2006
MA in Advertising and Public Relations

Magna cum Laude

Experience or Work History is other important section in a resume. The candidate should list the positions in which he was employed in the last ten years. The Work History has to be listed starting with the most recent. The employment period also has to include the name of the employer, the job title, the location of the company, the period that the applicant worked for, responsibilities and achievements.

The employment history should look like this:

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Los Angeles, CA 90036
06/08/05- 17/05/2008

Public Relations Manager

  • Responsible for press releases, flyers, posters, ads and annual brochures;
  • Responsible for developing the company's corporate identity;
  • Developing the company's corporate identity and image by using logos.

Skills are an important requirement of a resume. Add communication, organizational or multi-tasking skills. References can be added to a resume, the candidate can list three references. The applicant can add at the end of the resume: References Available upon Request. If the references are requested then they have to be included with the name and the contact information.

In order to have a professional and accurate resume, the candidate has to follow these steps.

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