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How to add Experience in Resume

It is said writing a resume is an art. One should make sure that your resume is not only effective but also to the point. A good resume should possess all the components of a professional document, such as, introduction, objective and summary. A resume should highlight the candidates skills, qualification, education and not to forget experience. When drafting a resume, most candidates wish to know, how to add experience in a resume? The fact that some candidates might not have any prior job experience or non-relevant experience for the present job, compel candidate to skip this category. It is advisable to not add unwanted information. If the candidate does not possess the relevant experience, it is advisable to add the non-relevant information to your resume. This would make the employer know that you have worked earlier and are fit to take any kind of job. Experienced candidates also show a lot of responsibility at work.


Experience is an important aspect of a resume. Most employers look for this section as it helps them decide if the candidate is fit to perform the said tasks; based on the candidates previous job experience and responsibilities undertaken. If the job title matches, it becomes easy for the employers to make a decision. Candidates need to be very careful while adding experience to their profile because experience can take them far ahead from the rest. Experience should therefore be detailed, highlighting the job responsibilities.

Today, there are many resume formats that allow the applicant to emphasize their strengths and skills. For example if the applicant does not possess much work experience, they can emphasize their strong education qualification and skills required for the job. This can help the candidate to easily get the job; provided the candidate is smart and responsible to face the challenges lying ahead.

When adding experience in a resume, the applicant should list all their past and current job details.The work history has to be listed starting with the most recent. If some of the experience is not relevant and yet the candidate can show a reasonable amount of experience matching with the current job profile, then only the relevant experience can be listed in detail. Candidate's employment history should show their hands-on experience in the field, the amount of time spent doing the job and the responsibilities and tasks undertaken. Achievement also plays a major role to convince the employer that the candidate is worth to be considered. Achievements; specially the ones matching with the job one is applying for should be listed separately for the employer's attention.

Employment experience has to include the name of the employer, the job title, the location of the company, the period that the applicant worked for, responsibilities, tasks and achievements. The candidate can add up to 6-7 bullet points when describing their responsibilities.

Here's how the experience can be listed:

Company/Organization: Allied Insurance, Los Angeles, CA 90259
Designation: Administrative Assistant
Tenure: 02/07/2000 to 10/10/2005

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for phone communication, mailings and typing office documents
  • Responsible for scheduling appointments and finding new insurance clients
  • Managing administration functions for the smooth functioning for the firm

Candidates without experience can give a detailed list of their education qualification and certifications obtained. Employers do get impressed if the resume is backed with the necessary qualifications, essential for the job. Employers are interested in how many years of education the applicant has, in what field, other courses, certifications or licenses obtained. The education experience can be added in various ways. For example for a high School Degree or GED, candidate has to include the high school name, the years of study, the coursework, extracurricular activities. The high school and GED degrees have to be mentioned only if the applicant has no higher education. The same applies to an Associate Degree, a Bachelors Degree, a Masters Degree or a PhD. Like the work experience, education experience should also be listed from the most recent to the least. Professional certifications and professional skills can also be added in this section.

Adding experience to a resume offers the employer an overview of the candidate's area of practice or education and in some cases, their professionalism and achievements. That is why experience plays a vital role in a resume.

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