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How to better your chances of getting a Job

Everyone knows that in order to get somewhere, to have a good job and a successful career one has to have solid education, to have at least a college degree. But the question is how valuable a college degree is and if it guarantees a successful career. Below are examined the role of different degrees and trainings in the candidate's chances of getting a job.


Education plays a vital role in the candidate's resume. The endless hours of studying, the extended school years and the student loans will totally be worth it when the candidate will apply for a job. Nowadays, except the basic education required, one has to add to a resume other trainings, qualifications or internships in order to impress the employer and to better his chances of getting at least shortlisted for a job interview. Most applicants have a 2 or a 4 year degree so in order, to stand out from other candidates one has to offer more.

In the past, candidates with an Associate's Degree who applied for an entry level position were considered well-qualified and were immediately accepted. In the current employment market, things have definitely changed. For example, almost every job applicant has at least a four years Bachelors Degree. So in order, to stand out and be competitive you must take the initiative and get more education. That means that in order to stay in the market, you need to obtain a Masters or a Doctorate Degree in your area of interest. Another important thing you should consider is that you need to choose a specialized level of degree. By doing this, you will be considered the one with the most training and education for the position. These are the new employment requirements in the current economical situation.

If the applicant wants to stand out and if he wants to be different from the thousands of applicants and resumes that employers see every day then he needs to get more specialized training in his position or area of interest. Get hands-on experience or trainings from different companies, courses or internships because everything counts and extras make the difference between resumes. To keep on the competitive edge choose extra classes on specific topics in the applicant's area, paid or unpaid internships or apprenticeships.

Skills represent another vital domain where the applicant needs to focus on when he wants to better his chances of getting a good job. A necessary thing is that the candidate's career profile needs to offer job positions that allow him to build and obtain many transferable skills that he can use in other domains. So, for those who don't work in their area of interest during college, a great idea is to choose a job that can offer communication and leadership skills that will later help him in their career.

In order to stay competitive in the current employment market, you have to improve many aspects of your resume. For example in order to get more chances for a job, you should definitely get more education, for example a Masters or a Doctorate Degree; then get more training from internships, extra classes or courses; choose a position that can offer great communication and leadership skills which are transferable to other jobs.

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