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The Latest Resume Rules you Should Know

Resume writing does not have a certain format, as it keep on changing with a professional outlook. Resume is a professional document that is constructed in order to get a call for interview, when applied for the particular position in any organization. It is necessary to upgrade your resume by adding your skills or additional qualification, but many keep the same resume for several years, without much change. Some applicants use the same resume for different profile, without making any changes. Remember one thing that your resume should match the profile; otherwise, it could be rejected. It is very important that you should change and update your resume at regular intervals of time.


A question arise that what are the latest rules for drafting a resume and why it is required. First of all, let me clear that there is no such pattern for writing a resume. People follow different method or process to draft their resume. However, there are some of the points that need to be included in the resume such as objective or the aim for drafting the resume, contact information including the name of the applicant, their address, email id and telephone number. After that include the professional summary that includes the present experience along with all the past experience with job responsibilities. Then you need to mention the skills and competencies or qualities, as it is another important aspect of your resume. Then comes the academic qualifications, which should be in the descending order i.e. mention the highest degree first followed by the second highest degree and so on. Then you need to include the achievements and the area of interest. At the end, you should mention the reference, if any followed by the personal information (Date of Birth, Nationality, etc). Sometimes reference acts as an added advantage to your profile and help in getting a job in a reputed organization.

Below are some of the tips that should be taken into consideration while drafting the resume:

  • Be short and precise in entering the information
  • Check for the grammar and spelling before forwarding the resume to the recruiter
  • Check for the sentence construction while drafting the resume
  • Make sure that the data entered are correct and to the best of your knowledge
  • Highlight the important parts of the resume i.e. your credentials
  • Proof read the resume twice before sending it to the recruiter or any job portal
  • Your resume should have a professional outlook
  • Do not lengthen your resume with unnecessary information; otherwise it would be irritating for the recruiter, so try to end your resume in 2–3 pages
  • Using bullet points for describing the skill set, job description, roles and responsibilities achievements, and academic qualification

The applicants should consider changing and updating their resume from time to time because resume formats and designs are frequently changing as per the current market demand. For example, earlier we used abbreviations such as DOB, Info etc, but nowadays full forms are considered. Earlier we used do's and don'ts in our resume but the latest trends do not match. We also tend to use professional summary in your resume that illustrated the overall summary of the present and past job description, but today be separately describe them one after the other.

It is better for the applicant to customize and tailor the resume for every job position for which they are applying. As the proverb goes "First impression is the lat impression", therefore a well–constructed resume leaves a good impact in the eyes of the recruiter. Employers are interested in the professional experience and the roles and responsibility that the applicant possesses. If it matches the required profile, then the applicant are immediately called for the interview. Therefore, it is important that your skills and qualities stand out from the crowd and should attract the recruiter's eyes at its first look.

These are some of the latest resume rules that you must follow to construct your resume. You are certainly going to build an attractive and professional resume for yourself.

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