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Tips for Winning Non-Profit Cover Letter

When applying for a job in the nonprofit sector, it would be necessary for you to make many application changes. The cover letter is one of the central aspects that the applicant has to change when applying for a nonprofit job. The cover letter is actually the key to create a bridge in employment from the profit industry to the nonprofit industry. You have to know that the cover letter is a very important part when applying for a job, and you have to be sure that you change the same standard letter that you use for other jobs. In this article, you can find some pointers on how to write a winning nonprofit cover letter.


The first thing that you have to write in a cover letter which is sent to a nonprofit job application is why you want to work for the company's main cause and why for that particular nonprofit organization. It is said that stories store themselves in the reader's mind. Write a short personal story at the starting of the cover letter, which can hook the person reading it and make sure that it is relevant to what you are applying for. Write a story which can clearly express that why you want to join the mission. Then you can also add your experience, your goals and some specific initiatives for the nonprofit organization that you are applying for. Usually, the question "why do you want to work for us?" is used in all job applications. However, in order to look dedicated and interested in the job, you have to answer in a more specific and mission-oriented matter than for other profit positions. This is because those who are in the nonprofit field don't work there for money but for the service it provides. You have to highlight this information really clearly in your cover letter. Write in the cover letter how dedicated you are to the cause and thus show that your main goal is towards the services offered and not to the money.

You have to know that when applying for a nonprofit job, it is not enough to share the same passion for the mission as the organization that is hiring. You also need to have skills and qualifications so that you can help the organization with its goals. In your cover letter, you have to demonstrate what your education and hands-on experience can offer to the nonprofit organization. Whenever you are mentioning about your qualification about previous experience, make sure to back them up with clear examples to support your case. Present transferable skills gained from your previous experience in the profit world, which is applicable to a nonprofit position. Your experience and skills combined with your passion for the cause can definitely better your chances of getting the job.

Usually, profit jobs require the applicant to be as impressive and professional as possible. In nonprofit field, you have to be less corporate and more down to earth. People who work and hire in the nonprofit field choose to make less and work harder for a cause and as a result they don't need corporate formalities. If you have a personal connection with the cause the organization is working for, you can briefly explain it in the cover letter. By doing this you will be a better candidate for the job.

You have to remember that there are many differences between a profit and a nonprofit organization. When applying for a job in a nonprofit organization you have to know that there are differences regarding the resume and the cover letter. The first thing you have to remember when writing a cover letter for a nonprofit job is to explain why you want to work in the field and why for that organization. Describe what transferable skills you can use in this domain and try to be real and down to earth.

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