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How to Write a Successful Nonprofit Resume

Profit and nonprofit fields include economic and non-economic activities respectively. The purpose of the former is to achieve material benefits, while the purpose of the latter is to serve the community. Just as there is no definite rule or template for a profit resume, there are no hard and fast rules or regular templates for a nonprofit resume. It is totally upon you to create such a type of resume.


The first thing you have to know is that, there are many differences between the nonprofit and the profit field. There are differences not only regarding the job requirements, but also regarding the resume, cover letter and other documentation. Therefore, if you are thinking of applying for a nonprofit position, the best thing you can do is to update your resume in such a manner that it exactly targets your desired field. Below are some pointers on how to write a successful nonprofit resume.

When you write a nonprofit resume, you have to know to what market you are directing your skills. When applying for a job in the profit world, the resume has the same tone across the board, but you should know that this is not true when you apply for a nonprofit position. The objective of a nonprofit organization is different from a profit one, so you have to fold your resume on the company's needs. Your resume needs to have a more human aspect; focus more on your communication skills, fundraising or volunteer experience. For example, the nonprofit organization is not interested to know that you were a salesperson, but they are interested in knowing how many people you have helped.

Remember to focus on the right characteristics when applying for a job. There is a difference between what characteristics you emphasize on in a resume for a profit job and those you emphasize on for a nonprofit position. You have to connect to the nonprofit's cause, to have a sense of compassion, to multitask and to be able to have many roles and responsibilities. An important characteristic you have to show the employer is that you can make much with few resources through a creative and innovative mind. These are the characteristics required by the employers in the nonprofit field.

Focusing on the right skills is vital in a resume, but be careful to differentiate the skills for a market company to those for a nonprofit company. Your resume will be based on transferable skills from the profit field, but you have to know that not all your skills are applicable to the nonprofit industry. You have to focus on both general and specialized skills you have to offer, in what way are transferable and how they can help the nonprofit's mission and goals.

The trick is to be very careful when you add your skills because you may think that some skills do not apply to a nonprofit organization's goals and operations, but you can discover that they are very much needed. Therefore, when you apply for a specific position in the nonprofit do not exclude the skills you think are not going to be needed. Remember that a nonprofit is a business too, and requires as much experience, training, and skills as the profit field. As a result, if you have one or two applicable skills to the business sector, you have to know that you can certainly apply them to both profit and nonprofit industries.

When applying for a position in the nonprofit industry, you have to remember that there are many differences between the two fields. The first thing you have to take care of is how to successfully write a resume for a nonprofit job?

Use the tips mentioned above: choose the market correctly and emphasize the right characteristics and skills. Following these simple steps will definitely help you in drafting an excellent resume.

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