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Tips for a Recession Proof Resume

Today's employment market is challenging for every candidate. There are literally hundreds of people applying for a single job. From this, only half of them are called for interviews and only one or two are chosen for a position. In order to get the employer's attention, the candidate has to know how to make an excellent first impression. It is absolutely essential to capture the interest of the recruiters of various companies right off the bat and the easiest way of achieving a great impression right from the start is by creating a recession proof resume. By getting an impressive recession proof resume, the candidate is likely to be called by hiring managers to more interviews and chances of acquiring a new job automatically increase. Here are some pointers and tips on creating a recession proof resume.


Customize your resume for each individual company and job

First, the candidate has to target the position that he is applying for with a customized resume. For example, the candidate has to target the content to each company and job. It is better to create a customized resume for every job rather than applying with a standard resume. This way, the resume is targeted for a specific job and can respond directly to the employer's needs.

If the job requires good communicational skills and computer applications knowledge then the applicant has to emphasize these skills on his resume. This is available for every type of job; the applicant has to acknowledge on their resume the required skills for the job. Doing this can take extra time and effort but a targeted resume shows the employer the interest in the position. In addition, the applicant shows the employer that he is the perfect applicant for the position and that he invested time in applying for the job and customizing his resume.

Craft Your Resume to Highlight Your Best and Downplay Your Worst

When applying for a job, the applicant also has to consider changing the format of his resume and updating the information in the resume. For example, if he has frequent or large gaps in his history employment, he can stray from the chronological format of a resume and choose a functional one. The functional resume focuses more on the skills and achievements of the applicant than on his work experience. The functional resume still lists the applicant's experience but the information is more concise due to the lack of experience in that specific field.

This type of resume is also useful for those who are considering changing careers. For example if the applicant does not have any experience in the new domain where he is seeking a job, he can emphasize on the transferable skills that can be applied on the job he is looking for. The candidate can also choose the combined type of resume, which presents both skills and work experience. The most important thing is that the candidate has to be sure to use the right format for a specific job.

Make Your Resume Make Them Want You!

When hiring someone, usually employers search for methods to reduce expenses and to increase efficiency. That is why the candidate has to make sure that their skills and responsibilities are oriented towards saving and making money.

Proof–Read Your Resume Again and Again

The candidate has to review the resume before applying for a job. He has to check for grammatical errors, misspellings, misused words, incorrect facts and statistics like inaccurate academic marks and wrong dates (especially when it comes to the date of birth), because if not then the resume can look unprofessional. So, check and double check before sending it.

Keep Your Resume Updated. Always!

Make it a point to add in new developments and achievements scored in the very recent past (could be last week, could even be yesterday) into your resume. Also, see to it that you have updated the status in pending fields. For example, if you happen to be a fresher and had prepared a resume before finishing college, and now you are actively hunting for a job after completing college, it is vital that you include the fact that you completed college and attained a degree or diploma instead of 'Awaiting Results for My Final Semester Examinations'. If, during any time in your previous job or current job, you had a recent salary bump, mention the salary hike and the latest amount offered to you without fail. Keep the resume fresh, for stale and outdated facts are a surefire way of having you dropped off the potential candidate list like a hot potato!

By following these simple tips, the candidate can have a recession proof resume and can easily attract the employer's attention and interest.

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