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Advertising Sales Agent Resume

Advertising sales agents have the important responsibility of establishing client relations in the name of their advertising agency and manage different customer accounts in all the issues and aspects related to the selling of advertising programs and services. They need to communicate with clients regarding the advertising programs that are most suitable for their products and negotiate different cost, schedule and concept matters, they have to be very experienced in advertising marketing strategies and to have extensive knowledge of the advertising market. They need to have insight in the type of products or services their customer accounts want to advertise and they have to find the right balance between the available services of the agency and the desired target of the customer. Promotional plans, sales meetings and conferences, contract research and negotiation are other duties that an advertising sales agent has to perform.


When applying for the position of an advertising sales agent, the most important aspects you need to outline in your resume are the sales experience and the communicative and negotiation skills.

Sample Advertising Sales Agent Resume

Personal Details

Name: Tom Gregory
Birth date: 16.12.1973
Address and Contact Details: 605 W Ave, Norwalk, CT 06850, (203) 853-9900
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Driver's license: Yes


I am an experienced sales agent that has obtained conclusive results in different domains, including advertising. I have expertise in advertising products and services and the capacity of establishing customer contacts and managing customer accounts.


I wish to obtain the job your agency is offering and have a chance to demonstrate my selling abilities. I wish to use my skills as a salesperson and my knowledge in the advertising field, but also my dynamism and communicative skills in order to obtain the best deals for the agencies and improve its profitability.


Sales professional with experience in different business areas, including advertising, and the capability of negotiating profitable contracts and managing accounts on a long-term


Communication and negotiation skills, dynamism, good with money, insightful, creative, social, capable of establishing positive human contacts, and an active listener.

Computer knowledge: Windows, Microsoft Office, accounting applications, database management

Work Experience:

Leo Burnett Advertising Agency, 1999-2010

  • Employee in the Sales and Marketing Department
  • In charge of managing customer accounts
  • Studying profitable marketing opportunities and establishing promotional programs for the agency's products and services
The Ad Agency, 1990-1999
  • Employee of the Sales and Marketing Department
  • Collaborating with the members of the team in establishing appropriate and
  • Profitable marketing strategies for the advertising programs.
The MOSY Computer Software Company, 1987-1999
  • salesman of computer software products to business companies
  • in charge of several customer accounts
  • assisting these clients in all their software related needs and presenting them new products for business improvement.
Education and Training:

Master's in Marketing and Sales, Connecticut University
Bachelor's Degree, Connecticut University


Establishing and maintaining customer relations, succeeding in selling targeted volume per period, working with the public, market and account researching.

Areas of interest:

Business, marketing, advertising, computers, social relations


Nina Simons, Manager of the Marketing and Sales Department, Leo Burnett Advertising Agency

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