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Art Object Sales Executive Resume

A person working in this field is expected to be able to sell themselves (as a worker) first in order to sell anything else, be it an object or a service. Most of the times, an art objects sales person will have to sell any kind of item related to art: paintings, sculptures, mirror and painting frames, art materials (brushes, canvas, and sculpting tools) and to perform shop related duties.


Art experience may not be required in the job description, but for a future artist this could be a good opportunity because they could even get inspired or could deliver art the way the customers want it.

Some of the shop related responsibilities include, but are not restricted to these:

  • making sure the shop is clean and that the items meant to be sold are always on display
  • working with a cash register while processing any sale
  • greeting the clients
  • trying to meet the monthly sales target
  • presenting the qualities of the items in which the clients show interest.
The next resume is just a guideline and only a template which needs to be personalized to the needs of each person.

Sample Art Object Sales Executive Resume


ADDRESS (the current one, or the one you use for receiving your mail)


Wanting to secure the position of an Art Objects Sales Person you have available and to increase the profitability of the store by using the customer services abilities that I master so well


  • Perfect communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Very good literacy & numeric skills.
  • Knowledge of laws of the techniques used for selling.
  • Very good team player.

Painting and attending modern art expositions.


Sales Assistant Some Shop Name, (Company Name), City, Time frame (of working there)

  • welcoming clients
  • making sure all the merchandise is in place, with price tags
  • making sure the sales or promotions are noticeable or known by the customers
  • offering information about the items when asked
  • offering shopping advise to those having a hard time deciding what to buy
  • in-charge of the cash register
  • processing the payments
  • performing payments for the shop if needed or requested
  • offering support to the unsatisfied clients
  • exceeded sales goals for a whole year, with 7%

YEAR - awarded the "STAR" title for five months in a row by our shop manager.


College name here, year graduated, diploma obtained- it is better to be something related to sales.


Now you have a pretty good idea of what your resume should look like if you want to work as an art objects sales person. You need to know that usually the income of a sales person is formed by a salary and a sales percentage; if the sales targets are exceeded, there will usually also be a bonus offered. However, if you have previously worked in this sector you know these things better, even if different companies will have different policies to reward their best employees. To be mentioned that most of the times the employers will search for candidates with experience in at least one of the fields of operating (here those would be selling and art).

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