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Automobile Salesperson Resume

There are more and more people needed in sales. The job that they have might differ according to the industry that they are working in. The job duty of an automobile salesperson includes selling new and used cars. Some of these people work in used car lots and here they have to sell vehicles produced by different manufacturers. There are also some who are working for car dealerships. These are companies that are selling cars only by certain manufacturers. The manager of the dealerships is also known as the dealer and he might be working alone or might have other employees, known as salespersons.


If you think that this job profile is suitable for you then start making an automobile salesperson resume and include all the sales experience that you have gathered until now and also it might be a good idea to mention the courses and the training related to sales that you have attended. You should also mention the personal skills that you have in this field.

Automobile Salesperson Sample Resume

Personal Details
Name: Jim Maine
Birth Date: 25 May 1985
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking the job of Automobile Salesperson at your company where I can prove the experience and skills that I have in this field. It is also my objective to make some advancement in my career in the future.


Experienced and skilled automobile salesperson looking for immediate employment, with excellent verbal communication skills, positive attitude, good knowledge about customer service, and also with the ability to keep record of the activities performed and the cars that have been sold.

Skills and Competencies

  • Excellent verbal communication skill
  • Knowledge regarding sales techniques
  • Positive attitude
  • Good personal and customer service skill
  • Knowledge regarding customer service
  • Active listening skill
  • Time management skill
  • Excellent marketing skill
  • Excellent negotiating skill
  • Good administration and management skills
  • Strong persuasive manner
  • Good business sense
  • Good knowledge of finance
  • Ability to work directly with the public
  • Problem sensitivity skill
  • Vast technical knowledge on different car manufactures
  • Ability to figure out customer's need related to auto mobiles

Work Experience

Automobile Salesperson, 2009 to present
Memphis Cars, Inc., Minneapolis, MN

Job Duties:

  • Discuss, with the customers, their needs and give advice regarding the most suitable vehicle
  • Arrange for test drives
  • Negotiate the price of the cars
  • Work out the financial arrangements
  • Offer additional products to the customers
  • Auto Parts Salesperson
  • Negotiating financial deals with different banks
  • Maintenance of auto mobiles which are in stock
  • Describing features of auto mobiles and there usability to the customers
  • Maintaining records related to sales
  • Making sales slip or sales contract
  • Establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships
  • Making new advertising and promotional programs to increase sales
  • Resolving conflicts with customers
  • Answering questions regarding the store and the automobiles
  • Setting up new deals with corporate house to increase sales

Automobile Salesperson
Esteem Cars, Inc., Minneapolis, MN

Job Duties:

  • Read catalogs and computer displays in order to find out about the replacement part stock numbers and prices
  • Determine the parts that are needed according to the inspections of the old parts and customer requests
  • Receive and fill telephone orders for parts
  • Fill the customer orders from the stock
  • Maintaining log about out of stock parts and placing order for new one
  • Maintaining sales record
  • Completing associated paper work and inspecting car before delivery
  • Providing addition information about other product and services like car accessories and after-sales service


  • High School Diploma
  • Graduate degree in marketing
  • Certified as a professional test drives

Making numerous successful sales.
Member of North America car salesman association.


Amanda Young
Esteem Cars, Inc., Minneapolis, MN

Julian Flinch
Store Manager
Memphis Cars, Inc., Minneapolis, MN

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