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Bottles Bottling Equipment Sales Representative Resume

As a sales representative you can perform a huge variety of jobs in different industries and businesses. One of them is in the field of bottles and bottling equipment. Sales representatives in charge of these kinds of products present their company's offer to a large number of clients with specific needs. They sell plastic bottles or jars, glass bottles or jars: milk bottles and pasteurizers or bottles washers to companies that produce bottled items or that utilize them in their daily work. This position requires knowledge about different types of bottles and bottling procedures.


Bottles and bottling equipment sales representative need to know what type of product to recommend to specific clients depending on their needs and type of business. They also take care of deliveries, inspections, complaints and other client requests and collaborate with the Marketing Department in order to design efficient selling strategies. They are usually in charge with a number of client accounts, but have the responsibility of extending this number and promoting the company's products in various industrial and business media. They are front representatives of the company and need to have a professional attitude at all times. The resume of bottles and bottling sales representatives must bring into attention the selling skills and previous results and the personal abilities that help in the selling business.

Sample Bottles Bottling Equipment Sales Representative Resume

Personal Details
Name: Philip Bart
Birth date: 01.01.1982
Address: 12 Walsingham Road. Largo, FL 89765, (203) 972-5000
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, no childrenDriver's license: Yes


I have been working in the wholesale trade both as sales representative, bottles and jars sales representative, bottling equipment and I have gained significant experience and qualification in the field, with verifiable results. I wish to use this professional training in a competitive work environment and contribute to the expansion of the bottles and bottling equipment industry.


I wish to be part of your sales team and contribute to the profitability of the company with my experience in selling bottles and bottling equipment. My previous selling results are a proof of my capacity to handle work related issues and provide high-quality services to my clients.


Bottles and bottling sales representative with experience, looking for a position that can offer me valid career opportunities.


Verbal and written communicational skills, interpersonal and negotiation skills, sociability, dynamism, motivation, business skills

Computer knowledge:
Basic computer literacy, networking skills

Work Experience:

Bottles and Bottling Sales Representative, 2004-present
Zhangjiagang King Machine Company, Florida


In charge of selling bottles and bottling equipment to corresponding industrial establishments, managing client accounts and establishing new client relations for the company, managing product related issues, complaints and requests, monitoring the delivery process.

Education and Training:

Master's in Business Administration, Florida University
Bachelor's Degree in Biology, Florida University


I have met the company's sales targets and contributed to the expanding of the company's business and network of clients.

Areas of interest: Business, administration, marketing, sales


Mr. Charles Vendor,
Zhangjiagang King Machine Company,

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