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Burial Needs Salesperson Resume

Burial needs salesperson is usually in charge of selling cemetery plots, mausoleums or crypts, grave covers, and markers. This is a retail kind of business, but it requires trained professionals who know how to talk about delicate situations and who can offer the exact requirements of the customers. These professionals should also get involved with the community they work in and try to educate them about the necessity of trying to arrange for most of the things needed for the funeral while still being alive. A survey conducted in the United States mentions an annual average salary of $47,000, and in New York City, an average of $60,000 for a burial needs salespersons. This proves the job to be highly rewarding.


The resume needs to sound and look professional with all the key elements (contact details, experience, career goal, education) and other sections that can be helpful in landing the interview or the job. Many candidates choose to include the qualifications (or a short skills presentation) and references in the key elements. If you feel that these factors might add on to your profile; it is worth a mention. Remember that some individuals will request for latest trends; creations and designs for their burial needs, therefore the sales person should be well prepared in this field to ensure the best services to clients, and your resume should also mirror this quality of yours. Make sure that your resume doesn't run longer than two pages.

The following resume can be used as a reference. It is meant to help you when you write your own optimized resume.

Sample Burial Needs Salesperson Resume

Contact Details:

Name: John Smith
Address: 3898 Hillcrest Circle
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Phone Number: 763-516-6350

Job Objective

Looking for the post of a burial needs salesperson in a trustworthy company where I could utilize my skills and rich experience as a salesperson for the benefit of the company and also attain self growth.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ethical practices
  • Positive attitude
  • Innate propensity of doing research for different tasks
  • Professional outlook towards work

Work Experience:
Burial Needs Salesperson, 2006 to present
All Souls Funeral Home, Minneapolis, MN

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Working in close collaboration with two of the city's cemeteries
  • Selling burial plots, crypts
  • Responding to any kind of incoming inquiries via email, telephone or in person
  • Contacting the clients at their house if need be
  • Greeting clients, offering the brochures with the various services offered (flower and catering arrangements, transportation)
  • Presenting the coffins available or ordering any other if the client so wishes and selling them
  • Making arrangements about the funeral payments


High School degree from Mount Carmen's Junior School, Minneapolis, MN, 2003
On-the job training at Rest in Peace Funeral Home, Kentucky, Florida.


Name: Robert Y. McCaw
Organization: All Souls Funeral Home, Minneapolis, MN
Designation: Manager

A burial needs salesperson has to handle emotional situations on most occasions. They should possess excellent communications skills and should have a love for the job. This should also reflect in their work as well as in the resume. A few impressive statements and appreciations received in the previous job would go a long way to secure a job in this profile. The resume should basically emphasize on the candidate's skills and experiences. The resume should begin with contact details of the candidate and sum up with reference names. Reference names could be furnished once the candidate is shortlisted for an interview or as and when required. The resume should be professional and yet precise. It should be convincing enough for the employer to take note of the candidate and consider them for the role.

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