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China Silverware Salesperson Resume

Reading the job description prior to drafting a resume is very necessary. Because you can mould your resume effectively only if you know the nature of the job and what all skills you possess as a worthy candidate for the post. A china silverware salesperson resume should also be written after dwelling a great detail into the job description of such a salesperson. You have to ensure the validity and authenticity of the vacancy through reliable sources, because nowadays you can see many spam mails and advertisements announcing fake job offers. So you have to be cautious of such fake ads. Let us look at some of the important points that are related to the job of a china silverware salesperson.


This sales person will be found working mostly in shops dedicated to selling kitchen and home items. However, the main focus of this profession will be the objects made of porcelain (like plates, cups and the like) and silver (like knives, forks and other table decoration items). Mostly, this is a retailer's job but larger orders should not be considered out of the ordinary. Other items this sales person will be promoting are glasses and hollow ware. Among the duties of the job, we notice advising or explaining to the clients the uses of various items, or giving decoration ideas. It is recommended to have some knowledge of how various chinawares are made or what methods have been used to decorate it. The candidates willing to apply for the post should be a cheerful person, always interested in learning new things, great at communicating with strangers, working great within a team, but requiring little supervision.

The ideal resume will not exceed two pages in length and should have all the details about the candidate (the contact data, experience, skills and education) and will focus mostly on the experience related to selling or to customer services. Most of the jobs will prefer a resume with action verbs, and this is no exception; the tense of the verb is not very important, but usually past tense is used, and do not use Is: instead of "I did" or "I was in charge of", simply "did" or "in charge of". Now, the resume below is just a template ready to be used by you if you never wrote a resume on your own. Just make sure to concentrate on those abilities which are more similar to the position's description seen in the ads.

China Silverware Salesperson Sample Resume

Contact Details

Name: Marrianne Stevenson
Address: 21, Jogger's Street, Vietnam Valley, New York
Phone: 818 818 8989
Email address:
Date: January 10, 2012

Career Goal

Seeking the position of a salesperson for china and silverware in your shop.


  • Great advisor
  • Great communication skills
  • Fast learner
  • Works well in a team
  • Needing little to no supervision from the superiors
  • Fast problems solver

Working Experience

  • China Silverware salesperson, Matrix Chinawares, New York, 2005–present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Processing the payments by various methods
  • Advised clients according to their needs
  • Found solutions to the customers' complaints
  • Processed the returns
  • Made sure that the shelves were arranged and clean
  • Made sure that there are enough products in stock
  • Ordered more items when needed
  • Presented the various sales, promotions and new arrivals
  • Supervised the new personnel
  • Managed a team of three part timers


  • High School Diploma, Mount Mary School, New York, 2004


  • Reading
  • Shopping
  • Driving
  • Travelling


Available upon request

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