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Clean Rice Broker Resume

Clean rice broker resume must explain the job profile of a clean rice broker in the sales and the quality department. Their job profile includes functioning in the national and an international market.

In pre-colonial Japan, there was a public function called "rice broker". They represented the first form of banking in Japan between 1600 and 1870, even if the concept was much older and originated in a different area of Japan, than the one it became popular in. To be noted that rice was very important in those times because the landlords were paid with rice. Also, in time, it became a means of lending and borrowing.


Today, the clean rice broker must insure the sales for rice on the national market as well as on the international market, according to the demands. As a good sales person, this being one of the main activities on the job, you must know that you are good at it when you manage to convince a person in as little time and words as possible. The same goes for your resume for a clean rice broker: one page is enough, but if you have outstanding awards or sales experience it is better to write it down, but do not exceed two pages. The guide below will show you the most important features of a resume, and if you have more and helpful information do not hesitate to add other sections, and name them accordingly.

Sample Clean Rice Broker Resume

Contact Details:
Name: George Williams
Address: 67, Deep side Alley,
Dark Forest, Washington
Phone number: 677-099-9988
E-mail address:
Date: December 5, 2011

Career objective:
My aspiration is to pursue a career in the field of Clean Rice Broker and accelerate the growth of the sales of clean rice in the existing market.


  • Good knowledge of the rice industry
  • Very good knowledge of the internal and external rice markets
  • Very good knowledge of using the computer and various programs (office suite, marketing and accounting programs)
  • Very strong communication skills
  • Assertive person
  • Excellent managerial skills
  • Good analytical skills
  • Excellent statistical skills
  • Very good at negotiating
  • Skilled in the fields of sales and marketing


  • Designation: Clean Rice Broker
  • Name of the organization: ABC Mills Co.
  • Duration of the Tenure: 2007–present

Designation: Clean Rice Broker
Name of the organization: Marvel Mills and Co.
Duration of the tenure: 2005-2007

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Coordinated rice buying and milling operation with the national and international demand
  • Contacted possible clients and presented them our offer and the reasons for which they should they buy from us
  • Send samples of various types of rice to possible clients
  • Presented the price offer and negotiated payment methods
  • Arranged the sale and made sure the payment is received and the goods are being delivered
  • Instructed workers on how to keep records of the rice sold and the shipping data
  • Prepared the contracts and invoices


  • Name of the program: MBA in Sales and Marketing
  • Name of the institution: PQR Institute of Management studies, Washington
  • Year of passing: 2004

Additional Qualifications:

  • Worked as a Management Trainee in GHI Sales
  • Completed a certification course of Sales and Brokerage
  • Attended seminars on Sales/Marketing Strategies 2005
  • Well-trained in Statistical Analysis and Strategy Management
Clement Williams,
GHI Sales and Marketing,
Phone: 233-778-0012

Raymond Anderson,
PQR Brokers and Sales
Phone: 233-099-1100

John Parker,
Marvel Sales And Marketings
Phone: 244-988-1122

Other personal details:

  • Date of birth: September 22, 1985
  • Nationality: American
  • Gender: Male
  • Marital status: Married
  • Children: One
  • Driving license: B Category

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