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Communication Equipment Sales Representative Resume

A good Communication Equipment Sales Representative must be an excellent negotiator and must have outstanding manners because he interacts daily with a lot of people, colleagues, suppliers and most of all customers. Communication Equipment Sales Representatives are responsible for representing the company and making it well known tothe public by selling high quality products and providing excellent customer services.


Interpersonal skills, the ability tonegotiate and stimulate customers are some of the most important requirements for this position. Therefore, when writing a resume for a job as a Communication Equipment Sales Representative it is very important toemphasize your personal skills and professional competences that recommend you as a suitable candidate.

The next section of your resume should definitely concentrate on your previous working experience. Mention all the former responsibilities that are relevant for the position you are seeking now. If possible, find out what are the expectations of your prospective employer and tailor your resume according tothem. D

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    Sample Communication Equipment Sales Representative Resume

    Contact information

    Name: Alex Sorrel
    Address: Eldridge Street, New York
    Birth date: 24.09.1980
    Marital Status: Single
    Children: One
    Driver's License: B category, 2004


    From my point of view, a Communication Equipment Sales Representative is in charged with promoting the products and achieving the company's sales targets.


    I am looking for a position as a Communication Equipment Sales Representative which will allow me touse my skills, talent and sales experience in order tofulfill the company's sales objectives and increase its notoriety.


    Dynamic, talented and responsible Communication Equipment Sales Representative, with excellent communication skills, professional behavior and good negotiation competences, I am eager toface any challenges, learn new things and contribute tothe company's success and development.

    Skills and qualifications

    • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
    • Efficient in time management;
    • Highly organized;
    • Strong negotiation abilities;
    • Driving license;
    • Self confidence and self motivated;
    • Customer oriented and problem solver;
    • Relevant knowledge about communication systems and equipment;
    • Responsible and focused;
    • Ability toanalyze and understand the market and detect the clients' needs;
    • Organized and efficient in time management;
    • Work well under pressure.
    Work experience

    Communication Equipment Sales Representative, Omnicom Group, 2005-present

    Duties and responsibilities

    • Assisting the sales manager at preparing the sales plans;
    • Achieving the company's sales objectives;
    • Contacting prospective clients and scheduling meetings;
    • Participating at sales fairs and other social events;
    • Handling negotiations and providing negotiation follow up;
    • Placing orders on client's behalf;
    • Handling complaints and solving customer concerns.
    Communication Equipment Sales Representative, Tri-Tech Sales Associates, 2000-2005

    Duties and responsibilities

    • Prepared promotional materials such as Power Point presentations, brochures, banners;
    • Handled the financial transactions;
    • Established positive relationships with clients;
    • Provided support after the transaction ended;
    • Made reports about field activity;
    • Increased the company's recognition.
    Education and training

    Master's Degree in Computer Science, University of New York
    Bachelor's Degree in Communication, University of New York
    Sales Training

    Achievements and affiliations

    Exceeding sales targets
    Establishing long term relationships with clients

    Areas of interest

    Sales Techniques
    Marketing and promotion


    Cristina Peel, Vice Presidents of Sales at Tri-Tech Sales Associates

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